Which Mane Pony Would Be Most Fun to Hang Out With For a Day?

Posted 6 months.


  • anon - 6 months ago

    Who in their right mind would want to hang out with Starlight? Too much baggage with her. RD and AJ would be more fun.

  • Mares Fillies - 6 months ago

    Okay, JUST FOR A DAY? How about marrying one of the mane 8 (sunset shimmer included). I would literally spend the rest of my life with one of them.

    #ponywaifu #hoovesarebest #bronyxpony #IWTCITS

  • anonymous - 6 months ago

    This is getting silly. Is anyone else noticing how Twilight and Starlight are both frequently experiencing short periods where their votes quickly shoot up by 20-30 at a time at a consistent rate? Does no one think it's kind of odd how after several hours of no votes, both of them suddenly receive dozens in a matter of minutes?

    There is clearly a bot/script war going on here between those two

  • Pink-Pone - 6 months ago

    Pinkie Pie most definitely.

    Picture a day full of baking and eating said baked goods, getting to know interesting facts about the mane six via the Party Cave, and making the most out of Pinkie Pie's fourth-wall/physic breaking abilities!

  • Robert Hershey - 6 months ago

    I'd hang out with Applejack for one reason...to hear more about her parents! ????

  • Letupita725HD★ - 6 months ago

    Sunset Shimmer

  • Adam B. - 6 months ago

    I choose Starlight was thinking between Starlight, Twilight & Pinkie. It be fun to hang out with alll three.

  • Richard - 6 months ago

    Well, with regard to AJ, it is simply that we don't have that much in common beyond blunt honesty. The amount of interest I have in farming is very low. She is very grounded and the amount she knows and would want to relate about what makes Equestria magical would be minimal. I have many aspects of a pegasus in emotion and a unicorn in process. Nobody would think me as an earth pony. We'd grate on each other and while we would both TRY to make things work out, it would be an awkward day for both of us.

  • Medicine Cat - 6 months ago

    To all the disappointed Applejack lovers: Remember Appljac's Day Off?

    I love her too! But, let's face it a day of, "fun ", with AJ could mean plowing the south 40 without the benefit of magic, which sounds a lot more like work to me. I think I'll groove with the unicorns!

  • Rin - 6 months ago

    Why is Applejack still so hated and underappreciated? It makes me feel as left out and lonely as I do in my offline life. :(

  • AC - 6 months ago

    I chose Starlight, with the fact that it realistically wouldn't be hard to get Twilight (and Spike) on board as well in mind.

    What can I say? Magic's fun, and purple is the master race.

  • Swash - 6 months ago

    @Hakirayleigh That's the lousiest (AND the oldest) excuse in the book, and you know it.

  • H.J_ - 6 months ago

    Fluttershy! Maybe not fun in the Pinkie sense, exactly, but I'm sure there's other ways to have some "fun" together.

    The Flutterwaifu would no doubt be the most enjoyable to hang out with, for sure. So she gets my vote.

  • c - 6 months ago

    holy crap i did not expect starlight to be number one. anyway, the key word here is "fun"so if i had wings, rainbow is my choice because she could teach me pretty much everything so thats what i chose. but otherwise it would be starlight as she is the most relatable to me because she's gone through a lot in life and is just trying to be "normal" now but every so often stuff happens shes gotta get through with and she gets sad (uncommon bond) or just spills out her anger (relationship with trixie) and just talking about my life to her maybe she would understand and yeah i know i sound like a total loser right now but that's my answer.

  • smp - 6 months ago

    I'm pretty sure Twilight would be fun to tag along for a day, I bet there would be plenty of fun conversations with her. Applejack is a good pick as well in my book.

    Although, in my opinion, it'd would be best to choose Mane 6 as a whole.

  • Anaxagoras - 6 months ago

    I don't like Starlight, but I don't hate her either. I picked her though.

  • Hakirayleigh - 6 months ago

    @Swash Cause the poll is about ponies. But its strange Starlight has the first place, despite I love her. I choose Rarity anyways.

  • Swash - 6 months ago

    Why is Starlight in the poll if Spike isn't? Fuck your poll.

  • Ronin - 6 months ago

    This may just be my personal opinion, but Dash would absolutely DRIVE ME NUTS!

  • katie - 6 months ago

    Oh. And this poll is proof of the fact that Starlight Glimmer is overrated and Applejack is underrated.

  • katie - 6 months ago

    Now I understand why Melipony on deviantart killed herself.

  • Richard - 6 months ago

    I am figuring this is here as opposed to equestria because once in equestria you could hang out with any pony you wanted. I would go Starlight Glimmer mainly because while Twilight might know more about magic, Starlight would be more likely to TELL you what you wanted to know rather than finding some reason not to tell you. She also seems like she would be more likely to stay with you and not find something else to distract herself. I mean you show Twilight the internet and you are kind of done. Fluttershy would be second as she would likely be able to talk to the animals still which could put you in an interesting position. It would be fun to have that available.

  • Surreal - 6 months ago

    Glimmer, cause best waifu!

  • Coin Drop - 6 months ago

    Glimmy likes tabletop games, something I've had a lot of interest in lately.

  • Sam - 6 months ago

    Rainbow Dash for sure. she is compassionate and epic. I would love to listen to her beautiful voice all day long and stare at her cute body!! and if she would let me ride her, it would be a blast!

  • Jimmy Hook - 6 months ago

    Twilight Sparkle for me :D

    Reason why is because we both love books

  • Korora - 6 months ago

    I couldn't decide between Twilight or Fluttershy.

  • Black Hoof - 6 months ago

    Twilight is on top for now... she already won a poll in the past, about which of the main cast would people want to go with for a bivouac.
    I would enjoy spending a day with her, to listen to her reading a book, to teach me about magic, history, ... and play games.

  • C_II_R - 6 months ago

    I am sure AJ's score would be a lot higher if 'hang out' was guaranteed to not transform into 'work the farm for the next 12 hours'!

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