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  • Debra Snyder - 4 years ago

    This the third time I just got so mad at the way this precious little grandma getting handcuffed and hauled off to jail I would not trust another cop after this they should have their badge gun and job taking away from them just vthink people these are the very cop cops riding around in a cop car as we pay them to watch out for bad people so we can feel safe omg.vI just can't get over this whole insane story it is to far fetched for me to grasp what you dumb butt cops should have done was go in the bedroom and snag that loading 46 yr.old woman and hauled her to hail for stealing her grandsons air conditioner shame on Y'all I would love to come over there and take a real shoe not a slipper to that last bum grand kid and beat her ass all the way to ail I wish there was something you dummies could do to help her from this but the damage is done and handcuffed her is letting the public know that oh well we handcuffed her in the front suppose to make it seem bette r and more just ifiedand help you look more like a good cop? Oh my god you guys are really not fit to be cops I don't believe the county or who ever puts a badge on your shirt and a gun in your possession scary I'll tell ya I'm just dumb founded at this maybe It's April fool's day

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