What Should We Call the 6 New Student Characters in Season 8?

Posted 8 months.


  • Anastasia - 8 months ago

    School Six sounds better, but Classix sounds cool too.

  • Rid - 8 months ago

    Secondary Six, as opposed to Main Six, obviously.

  • C_II_R - 8 months ago

    I definitely prefer the Classix

  • John Saunders - 8 months ago

    I prefer the 'fur and feathers 6'.

  • Me - 8 months ago

    What about, the C6 = Creature 6?

  • jimmy - 8 months ago

    Side six because it sounds like side kicks.

  • The pone girl - 8 months ago

    New or young six, they just sound right!

  • Seal - 8 months ago

    Young Six! ..... you know, like.. Young Justice....

  • Zidders Roofurry - 8 months ago

    Why do we have to give them any kind of name that places them in direct comparison with the shows main protagonists? Just because there's six of them doesn't mean they're on the same level (which is what you're kind of doing by naming them like that).

  • Sam - 8 months ago

    "Side Six" is funny because it makes me feel like they are side pieces on a delicious dinner. Like salty French fries. Also Silverstream is the best side six! I love her!

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