Have you ever had the police called on you?

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  • Mellynee - 2 years ago

    I was sitting in the mail truck reading a newspaper having lunch. All of sudden the police tapped on the window and asked if I was ok and said someone called them about suspicious activity with the mail truck. I guess a black woman reading a newspaper is suspicious... ugh!

  • Lettie Mae Daniels - 2 years ago

    I live in Seattle, which is gentrified as fuck. Have lived in the Central Area aka the Negro section >30 years. White woman moves in next door. Had a cat that she allowed to roam spraying my door and defecating in my yard. I'm getting angry all over again just writing this. Anyway, I pay her a visit. Tell her she needs to control her animal. This shit literally goes on for months. I called her after finding, yet another, of her cat's offerings in my yard. How do I know it was her cat, you ask? Because it left its gotdamned collar right next to the pile. I went off. Like a grandma who has just seen her favorite grandbaby defiled. Ripped her several new ones. This. White. Woman, who has lived in this neighborhood 5 minutes, calls the police. On Me. Because HER cat was SHITTING. IN. MY. YARD. I tell him, quoting the municipal code, of course - I'm in my rights as the property owner to not have this animal on my property. He agrees and leaves. Haven't spoken to that trifling ass heifer since. Mind you, this was before Trayvon, years before.

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