Did you ever get picked on for clothes at school?

  • Mike - 2 years ago

    So to kick this off i went to a middle school were the folks with money aka” the rich kids” went to and for the ultimate throw back i know yall remember fubu....yeah well i was rocking that 07 Results. Didnt have much money growing up so i had my jean pull over with my two pair of pants...so in hindsight yeah i was wearing the same ish every day with my red white and blue fila. The only results i gaind from wearing that ish was getting made fun off all year...that is untill summer time when i was the first one in the new nike gloves

  • Mrs.CT - 2 years ago

    I got picked on all through my childhood for my clothes. There were too many children to dress and not enough money to go around for al of us to have the latest and greatest. Always a few seasons or years behind, it was always a tough experience. Now, I’m able to afford better clothes, but I still don’t know what style is for me. I just hope I figure out what my style is soon.

  • ROCC STAR - 2 years ago

    5th grade summer I got into it with a 6th grader at my summer camp. My mom would by 3 pairs of karate slip on shoes from Payless to last me the summer months. The kid that I had a problem with, parents were both doctors, so he always had the nicer shoes, fresh S-Curl from the barber, not that home S-Curl kit. The kid kept going in on my shoes. He finally says, I bet you $50, you don’t have nice shoes. I told him, I’ll take that bet and you better have my money. I said i’m not sneaking my shoes out for nothing. I let him know if he didn’t have my money we were fighting. The next day I try to sneak out the house, with my Grand Mama Cons on. Moms shut it down. I told her the importance of me wearing the shoes that day, but she wasn’t having it. My mom makes me grab the shoes and tells me to put my slip on on, and let’s go. We get to camp, and moms is like, point him out. I reluctantly point the kid out. My mom rushes over to him, and calls him out and says okay here the shoes, where is the money? He didn’t have it, my mom went off, saying if your not clothing my son don’t worry about it. Needless to say this was very embarrassing. I got clowned by everybody that day. I did keep my promise though, I gave the kid them Mchands. I gave him the hands for 2 reasons, my father always taught me to be a man of my word and because I knew, that situation was going to play out exactly like it did, with mother embarrassing me even further as opposed to her just letting me be great by wearing my good shoes. To be honest, I probably would’ve fucked the good shoes up at camp.
    A different summer, my mom wouldn’t allow me to switch the karate shoes for a new pair, even though the pair I was wearing, were falling apart. We’re playing kickball, and when I go to kick the ball the sole of my shoe goes flying with the ball. The canvas part of the shoe is still on my foot, but my sock was touching the ground. I had to sit in the office for the rest of the day until my mom picked me up. But before I got to the office, every boy that was playing kick ball with me made sure to clown me all the way to the office.

  • Mellynee - 2 years ago

    Well wearing my older cousins hand me down was never really a problem because they kept they’re clothes in mint condition. But during my sophomore year my New York auntie decides to hand me down her Calvin Klein jeans. Now I was willing to wear these jeans faded. Because living in Virginia, white kids wore faded jeans so me being a young black girl who was extremely conservative with money was just fine. But my mother decides to go buy Rit dye to try and make them that dark blue that Calvin’s came with. Not a good idea, everyone new the Rit blue that look dark purple. The kids clowned me so hard. Those jeans mysteriously got lost just like my thick glasses.

  • James - 2 years ago

    I got picked on hard. My mom had me rockin' some 4 stripe Adidas till 6th grade and when someone stepped on my first pair Nikes, I got suspended for beating the shit out of him.

    And another place where America is dumb, we are the only country who lists dates: month/day/year.

    Everywhere else is: Day/Month/Year

    I've been in Germany for 5 years and the date listings still trip me up sometimes.

    Love the show!

  • Dafollower8633 - 2 years ago

    I went to a magnet school where we had uniforms so the kids judged you by the quality of your shoes and the brand of blue bottoms you wore... they had iron on and sewn in emblems so everyone could tell if you came from means. Meanwhile I was washing the one uniform top my folks could afford every night. I was already a super poor, chess club, e-team, band and chorus nerd so I opted out as much as I could and learned to diffuse jokes by leaning into them. I’ve been a function over form man ever since.

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