Which Tesla Model 3 interior do you prefer?

Posted 8 months.


  • Craig Michaels - 6 months ago

    I opted to cancel my reservation for the 3 after having been one of the first day orderers and invited to configure months ago. I held on for the dual motor white interior. Now we hear I'll have to spend another 24K for the performance option just to get white - not going to happen for me... I bought my S, waiting for the 3, and happy as a clam with the S. Best wishes...

  • Jerome Kunze - 7 months ago

    I think they should make the door panels completely white with wood grain on the panel near the door pull. That area will get dirty fast from use. They should also have the option of retaining the wood grain in the dash with the white interior. Think the white should be a little less bright.

  • Jim stack - 7 months ago

    Tan will be next.
    Other Tesla supply companies after market white right now. I guess I'll get it there now.

  • Mike Weston - 7 months ago

    Tan or cream would be even better than white, but I won't do black, and won't pay for the performance version. I guess I have to wait longer.

  • Rudolph Mazigi - 8 months ago

    I am currently an owner of a model S and my wife ordered a model 3. We have requested a white interior and cannot understand why we have to buy a performance model at $78K to get it. An interior color option is something basic and I hope Tesla will reconsider and make it available for the car we selected which is already costing us $63K.

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