What Is Your Personal Jewish Food Practice?


  • Mary Cornelius - 6 years ago

    We refrain from eating dairy at home along with pork, shellfish and cuts of beef that would otherwise no be considered kosher. We rarely buy kosher meet, rather choosing organic, humanely raised beef, chicken and sustainable fish. We emphasize fruits and vegetables locally sourced and seasonally available.

  • teri bleckner - 6 years ago

    First off, I eat Matzo for weeks after Passover because we buy too much. After a month or so with just butter, we gravitate to pbj, cream cheese and jam, plain cheese then a bruschetta-like concoction.
    Purim, you swipe hamantaschen every time you walk by the plate of them. no matter where you are.
    Matzo brei is all year round. and argued often at Jewish gatherings as to what you top it with. (very heated discussion) . Gefilte fish stands like bar bat mitzvah as a passing into adulthood. And you're not an adult at 13; adulthood is achieved when you can cook a brisket...Shall I go on...?

  • Anita Silvert - 6 years ago

    We eat out; that is, we eat veggie/dairy out. Lately, however, I've eaten Halal meat in a restaurant. It is intentionally slaughtered, according to religious law, and that matches how I view kosher meat. We have also eaten chicken out occasionally, but making sure there is no dairy. I consider our kashrut practice something that evolves. The kids are out of the house, if we ever downsize, would we keep the whole two sets of dishes, Passover dishes, etc? We'll see!

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