Of the six MELT facets, which one is the most problematic for students during a major inquiry task.


  • Judith Thomas - 5 years ago

    Furthermore to my previous comment, STEM subjects were a huge mystery and stumbling block to the South Sudanese refugee secondary students in my research study. They represented a different and puzzling language. Whilst the students were excited to ‘Embark’ on a voyage of new opportunities [particularly for the girls] how could they possibly aim to ‘Clarify’? Their confusion was recoiling. Next they moved to ‘Find & Search’ and onto ‘Communicate & Respond’ [a key facet in which they asked the Teachers] which represented a significant sign post in their voyage of diiscover learning. Thank you. [Thomas & Sabir 2017].

  • Dayan - 5 years ago

    Actually those facets are not so confused for most students as long as they have been well informed what sort of research framework learning is necessary to familiar with. I understand this new concept is new in theory but they have often used some melt facets as they do research in normal learning to solving problem. To make completely understanding of how to apply this melt facet productively for widen audiences, in particular my country Indonesia, we are happy to welcome the RSD team here in such collaborative training in near future. Thank you and welcome to Indonesia.

  • Judith Thomas - 5 years ago

    Whilst refugee secondary students in my study were very keen to embark on studies in a new and safe country, the real problem was to ‘Clarify? Where could they go? What was the problem? Who could help them? The actual learning journey through the phases of learning using MELT was unique. Please refer to short paper[with Fizza Sabir] posted on MELT website for Your Claificatiom. Thank you. Go MELT.

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