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Should electric bikes be allowed on Michigan's bike paths and trails?

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Posted 12 months.


  • Gregory Krzeminski - 11 months ago

    Without the availability of throttle-assist, eBikes are not a viable option for many people who could otherwise use them as an alternative to automobiles for transportation.

  • Chuck and Mary Sommers - 11 months ago

    After buying 2 Pedegos last year, we have gone over 1500 miles on bicycle paths all over Michigan. We stopped riding bikes years ago as age related issues slowed us down but these 2 Bikes changed our lives in so many ways. Our Pedegos are both Class 1 and Class 2 as they have both pedal assist features and a twist throttle. We use both features and recommend getting ebikes that have both. 20 mph is plenty fast enough and we rarely even go that fast.

  • douglas james leyva - 11 months ago

    i'm an almost 62 year old with multiple disabilities that prevent me from walking more than an eighth of a mile without extreme discomfort and was spending what i thought were my last days in my recliner watching mayberry reruns . i took a big risk for me and i sent sondors $500.00 against every bodies advice and 6 months later i received the best gift of my life time . i now have three and i have my life and my sense of adventure back. never thought i'd say that !!!!

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