Daily Poll: Do you support Premier John Horgan in his vow to keep fighting the pipeline expansion on B.C.'s coast?

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Posted 1 year.


  • keith wilson - 1 year ago

    What I don't understand is when 80% of BC's population wants the pipeline how is it that some elected official can hold the pipeline up. I know once it comes to collecting equalization payments these same people do not have a problem being front and center and wanting there share of the money. Next this pipeline was already approved both provincially and federally and now they want to put a stop to it. Where is the right of law never mind the benefits to Canada as a whole. Indigenous people they say are against this pipeline, I say the only ones against it are the ones who aren't getting anything out of it directly. Maybe they should look at what the money the federal government gets from the energy sector and where it is distributed.(healthcare, roads, schools and support programs for indigenous groups) maybe this money should evaporate! Let's believe we are all Canadians and everyone should look to the betterment of Canada as a whole.

  • Oil for life - 1 year ago

    Captain Canada you are one very stupid person. Nothing of Nirthern Alberta is being destroyed.

  • R. Rae Gardner - 1 year ago


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  • steve portelance - 1 year ago

    Completely do not understand why the FEDS cannot give Horgan and company 5 days notice to show up at the supreme court to plead their case and our grossly inefficient Federal Government cannot make this happen. They have all the strings that they can pull to mobilize the Supreme court to commence hearings on this matter immediately in the interest in our country's well being.

    GET this DONE

  • Captain Canada. - 1 year ago

    Keep the dirty oil in Alberta. I understand Canadians need to make money to feed their families but destroying northern Alberta to extract fossil fuels and then ship it down a pipeline in order to sell it to other countries is a waste of time. If you want Canada to understand how dirty the oilsand process is open the doors to all who want to see the process from start to finish. See the tailings ponds and how quickly they kill wildlife. See the destruction of open pit mining and the harm to the environment it creates.

    Thank you for wasting my tax dollars on this bullshit. I will not be voting for this clown of a prime minister Justin Trudeau next election.

  • Diana A - 1 year ago

    http://theenergymix.com/2018/05/24/exclusive-new-ship-fuel-rules-could-sink-tar-sands-oil-sands-expansion/ The law of unintended consequences may soon cause serious collateral damage to Alberta’s tar sands/oil sands ambitions, and the planned Trans Mountain and Keystone XL pipelines.

    The United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) recently approved new, much stiffer fuel standards for the 50,000 ocean-going vessels which currently burn low-grade, high-sulphur oil. Known as Bunker C, it is cheap and dirty. An estimated four million barrels per day are burned in all manner of merchant ships, including oil tankers. The related greenhouse gas emissions roughly equal those from all sources in Germany.

    But the days of Bunker C are numbered. The fatal bullet will be sulphur-tipped. By 2020, the IMO has mandated that the commercial fleets it represents can only buy and burn ship engine oil with a sulphur content of 0.5%. That is a 700% reduction from the current average. It has been estimated that the 15 largest ocean vessels currently emit as much sulphur annually as all of the world’s cars.

  • Leona - 1 year ago

    Your jobs comes from my resources.
    Your home is on my land
    You benefit off of genocide
    Proud canadian arent you?
    The true welfare recipients

  • Dennis Zukiwsky - 1 year ago

    As a proud and loyal Canadian, an Alberta resident with a vacation home in beautiful British Columbia, it is appalling that this clown maintains a stance that is contrary to what the majority of Canadians, Albertans, and most of all the majority of intelligent progressive British Columbians.
    The pipeline is safe, the economic prospects are huge, and the off shore environmental issue is now minimal. There is an election coming in North Korea where Horgan has a political equal.

  • Leanna Harrington - 1 year ago

    Trudeau is the biggest hypocrite and liar! He has betrayed all Canadians and
    caused a huge divide. Forcing this pipeline through traditional First Nations' land is not moving toward reconciliation. Justin Trudeau is not a climate change leader as he claimed. He campaigned on making changes, but he betrayed Canadians instead by doing the opposite and spending billions on an old pipeline to China.Tax payers will also be on the hook when the toxic dilbit spills into our waters, for the clean-up - if cleaning it up is even possible. BC is now at risk of losing billions of dollars in tourism and fishing when those pipelines leak and when a tanker has a spill. What a sell out. What a disgrace! Trudeau is a fraud!

  • Baljinder Singh - 1 year ago

    Throughout this entire Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain (KM) expansion debacle, the Canadian public has simply been, & is continuing to be, subjected to a campaign of disinformation & misinformation founded on strategies that are very typical of the Big Oil Playbook (itself fashioned after Big Tobacco’s own practices). The terrible dangers we’re facing by continuing to fail to adequately & quickly address Anthropogenic Global Warming are simply the tip of the veritable iceberg. When we do a proper accounting of all the various types of pollutions we’re already creating with Business as Usual (BAU) attitudes & policies, we find that the so-called “Carbon Budget” upon which the 2015 Paris Accord was framed, is already actually smaller than we’d hoped. Particularly worrisome is how dangerously close we already are to all manner of tipping points that could unleash many different forms of naturally sequestered carbon such as methane hydrates, permafrost methane, peat-trapped methane, lignin trapped in trees that’s released in forest fires etc etc. So we already have a very tiny, & rapidly shrinking pollution budget (that could itself quickly be burst by these feedback mechanisms), one which we should be singularly devoting to a very rapid transition away from dirty energy, BAU economies. Instead, we’re wasting & squandering that tiny pollution budget on gigantically wasteful & economically unviable mega projects such as KM. How many in the Canadian populace are even aware of these hard realities?
    Even if anyone decides, very foolishly decides, to simply discount all the brutally uncompromising science that demands, absolutely demands, very urgent action, there are still the economic realities & risks posed to the fossil fuel industry (FFI). A multitude of factors are at play, including escalating concerns by many in the FFI re: the growing momentum to de-carbonize global economies, particularly in the energy sectors. Note that the divestment movement has already reached US$6 trillion in removed fossil fuel assets & that BlackRock, the largest investment firm in the world, has strongly committed (among many others) to aggressively pushing for reduced investments in fossil fuels, and that even New York state has made such divestment a priority for its pension plans. Of special note (particularly relevant here) is that any investment body, when pushed by activist investors & members, generally succumbs to such pressures by first jettisoning the lowest-hanging fruit, viz. coal & then tar sands & other heavy, dirty crude oils. So, in addition to all other economic stressors & dangers, Alberta’s tar sands are already being very specifically targeted by the divestment movement, making the future of this industry perilously fragile & an extremely bad risk. It is also instructive that very little certainty can be divined for the Asian markets touted, by KM proponents, as targets for expanding market share. To further underscore how much such fantastical, pie-in-the-sky thinking drives & underpins so much of the so-called “economic case” championed by tar sands proponents, one need only consider how China’s aggressive efforts to become the pre-eminent global renewable energy provider are well & truly, unstoppably, underway.
    The writing is on the wall, & with litigation becoming an ever more persistent existential threat for fossil fuel companies, many are trying to cut their losses wherever they can. KM’s very nervous investors were looking for anyone even more foolish than they themselves were, and they found the perfect suckers in Canada. Canadians should, very simply, heed caveat emptor!!

  • Peter Smith - 1 year ago

    Fake Poll, To double check if this poll is fair I tried multiple times voting Yes and Voting NO, Voting yes was accepted only once, Voting NO was duplicated and I tried 10 times and accepted me to vote NO 10 times.

  • Dave Monkman - 1 year ago

    So lets be honest here, Horgan is sticking to his guns only to retain the support of the greens, despite the overall support for KM. Likewise our PM knows that the pullout of KM would doom his career, leading to a lovely 4.5B expenditure to buy them out (... to start...how lovely). Two clowns covering their political arses, while we pay the price.

  • Roland Wilvers - 1 year ago

    Horgan is in a position that he has to listen to Andrew Weaver to save his political skin. He isn't the premier of BC, the green leader is. Horgan is nothing but a hypocrite.

  • Wayne Paul - 1 year ago

    The NDP and the Green Party are two of the worst political parties in Canada. Ever. How the hell did an asshole like Horgan get elected?????

  • Mary - 1 year ago

    Now that we know that Horgan can be bought,(Elizabeth’s promise of his future in politics=fat pension,etc.) maybe there’s some negotiating that can be done.
    As far as anyone who protests, what are you going to do when there aren’t any trucks running for lack of fuel and you run out of toilet paper, baby formula and everything made of plastic including most of the equipment found in a surgical ward, etc,etc,etc.?

  • Grant Banks - 1 year ago

    I'm absolutely embarrassed as a Canadian that our political system allows a hypocritical individual like Horgan to become and stay a Premier of a province within Canada. By allowing three elected MLAs with relatively no provincial or national support to dictate policy in the province of B.C. he has made our country a laughing stock internationally. In the new Canada where lobby groups with small minority opinions dictate Canadian policy, I suppose that should be no surprise. Horgan has indicated the transportation of bitumen is hazardous to his Province, challenged the pipeline expansion in court on that basis and then turned around and threatened to sue Alberta for turning off the bitumen flow he despises. Folks, there is simply no hiding from that story line. He is a power hungry political animal with no principles.

  • Pam - 1 year ago

    Not a valid poll. I just voted twice, no problem. With that being said, I say NO to the pipeline as there is too much to lose for the beautiful coast of BC.

  • Independant worker - 1 year ago

    If u don't want all your children become dependant on government subsidies. U might want to insure they can have the choice to have a strong economy in their time. Pipeline to the west is the only choice for that to happen.

  • Rod Pratt - 1 year ago

    For the people that think you can vote more than 1 time........
    You only get to vote once. After that it says you have already voted!

  • Sloan - 1 year ago

    Enough already - this pipeline will be modern and state of the art, and will get our resources to tide water. That benefits everyone, regardless of party lines. Doing what is best for the country should come in front of personal agendas, and unless you live under a tree in the forest and eat berries to survive, you cannot deny we need fossil fuels for today and the foreseeable future.

  • Jack - 1 year ago

    I don't think that the BC government law suit against Kinder Morgan is of any use to John Horigan, the Province can not sue the Federal Government. The pipe line no matter who owns it is of no use if a third party (Provincial Gov.) can control the product that floes down it. Oil companies would not sign long term contracts with the pipe line owner if a third party had control of the material the pipe line carries. This was the main reason the Federal and Provincial gov. bought the existing line. Should the Government own the line, NO. Trudeau should have used his power to see the new line was built and still owned by a private company. This has done nothing to instill confident in investors to invest in Canada. Trudeau has no interest in petroleum products or Alberta if he had he would have approved the Northern gateway line or the Eastern energy line. Ether one of those would have carried enough product to allow further investment in the oil industry in Alberta and BC.

  • Cheryl - 1 year ago

    Always seem to be somebody opposed to something,When the big quake hits of the British Columbia coast,it's overdue,and I hope it never happens but b.c will be looking for federal aid.Tell me if we don't promote business where is this financial aid supposed to come from.We need Alberta oil to help run this country!,

  • Patricia - 1 year ago

    If the shoe was on the other foot would Horgan not want his product to reach all available markets. This is a no brainer,we need jobs here in Canada and not for the United States to reap big profits from Canadian resources,

  • Floyd Hammond - 1 year ago

    These Tree Hugger's are all brain dead and no common sense can be taught to them.

    Tree Huggars do not work for a living and think no one else should either, they are totally self centered.

    I ask all these extremist Tree Huggers, when was the last time an pipeline leak has ever killed anyone or was not cleaned up immediately . Mother nature has its own way of cleaning up oil spills and I have seen it. Besides where did the oil come from in the first place.?

  • Winston - 1 year ago

    This project was already approved,Alberta need to get its product to market,it's safer and better then alternatives plus we need the jobs,we need the world investment community to know we do and mean business , there's many more reasons to get this pipeline built so let's just get it done!

  • Frank, D. - 1 year ago

    It's sad that Horgan is being lead by the nose by the three Green Party members. Without whose support, he wouldn't be the Premier of B. C.
    All he's interested in right now fis trying to get votes so that he can keep his job. Don't believe for a moment that what he's doing is for the benefit of all British Columbians. Let alone for the benefit of all Canadians.

  • Steve B - 1 year ago

    Premier Horgan should work for what is best for BC and our role in Canada and not his own interests.

  • John Cox - 1 year ago

    Horgan is only trying to enrich his political career in the NDP's ranks. He is an opportunist and a phoney, is only concerned to holding on to power. If this pipeline does not get built, there will be a serge in the western separatist camp that will make Quebec vote look like a a joke. Already the secessionist are gaining ground in Alberta, northern and central BC, the other two prairie provinces and the 3 territories. The lack of cooperation and disregard for the Articles of Confederation by the Horgan government and the Feds in Ottawa is driving a deep wedge between the regions , with only one outcome in the not so distant future.

  • Reg - 1 year ago

    You know who is paying his bill's
    He's following his money supply wishes He has no brains to act on his own.

  • ben - 1 year ago

    How can anyone support a man that is only looking after his own self interest and not the majority of BC and Canada. He knows that if he does not appose the pipeline that the Green party will not support the NDP in BC and he is out of a job.

  • James Embury - 1 year ago

    The risks out weigh the benefits to all British Columbians to have this pipeline ran to our coast. Not only for the people of BC but for the sea life in our coastal waters. What does Alberta care if There is an oil spill?

  • Benjamin Woodman - 1 year ago

    What he is doing is un-Canadian, and selfish. He is putting the opinion of the few in front of the needs of the many. Not only in BC, but across Canada

  • Robyn Benner - 1 year ago

    He has cost Alberta & BC so much money, and so many jobs, and now the tax payer is on the hook for the purchase of the pipeline. This did not need to happen. THIS IS JOHN HORGAN'S DOING! And our wimpy government ALLOWED this behavior to take over.
    If he had just let this pipeline happen (with all the facts and BC people supporting it) we'd be in business and not look so idiotic to the rest of the world. What he also doesn't get is our livelihoods are at stake here. So many people are suffering financially and are ruined, and some have even gone on to take their own lives because they can't see any hope. That's also on you Horgan.... You gotta go.....

  • Edward Roski - 1 year ago

    The only reason he is opposing the pipeline is the Green Party is telling him to. He is a coward. He knows it will benefit his province. Get rid of May. She is only in it for her paycheck that we give her.

  • Mark - 1 year ago

    Shauna Robertson,, when did you buy your house , that the pipeline runs thru your neighborhood? 1952 ?
    Because anytime after that, you made the choice to buy there.

  • Sandra Duncan - 1 year ago

    I do not support Horgan BUT I also do not believe Trudeau has any intention except using this pipeline to kill Canadian industry

  • Albertan - 1 year ago

    Company shills voting No.

  • Ken Read - 1 year ago

    The existing pipeline has been transporting crude safely from Alberta to BC and US refineries for over 65 years. Trans Mountain Pipeline employs Canadians (lots of them) and supports Alberta and Canada’s economy...I know because I worked for them as a pipeline engineer in the past. The expansion project was a no-brainer to continue to provide exports from Alberta and that the Government of Canada had to nationalise the pipeline to get the expansion built is testament to how blind BC’ers are to what supports theirs and Canada’s high standard of living and petrol in the tank that powers their vehicles. Get rid of the idea that Horgan has a clue about how to head up a province and get rid of him. He obviously is only trying to stay in power, and my children have more idea of what the economy of BC relies on than him.

  • Ed Gillmor - 1 year ago

    I'm for the expansion and use of KM pipeline (and Energy East). Originally a New Brunswicker, resident of Alberta, and part time resident of Kootenays, BC. Hydrogeologist/environmentalist that has worked government, oil and other industry and in the majority of provinces and territories. This entire exercise has been a travesty for Canada and never should have occurred as Federal government had right to decide from the get go. Gutless. If NEB not able to make technical decision then that org needs to be abolished. Economically this decision is going to be very costly for all parties involved. Politically it is going to be suicide for all involved. I agree that alternative energy should be increased and effort spent on making a change to more renewables; however in cold climate Canada, fossil fuels are integral part of our energy mix and will be around for a lot longer than people think. A transition out of coal is a good thing from health and pollution perspective (want your kids to work in a coal mine or ingest /inhale its effects?). In this way Horgan is hypocritical to say the least. A transition to natural gas as energy source is a path forward while continuing conservation and best building practices. Alberta finally recognizes that it has to diversify its economy and has been reluctant to do so as its been the golden goose for a long time. The time for oil subsidies are over as wind solar gas become a distinct alternative. I'm incredulous that we are still exporting so much to the US without any other plan in place. Companies are taking action by moving many operations or expansions to the US and Mexico. The cost of this political bruhaha has darkened the image of Canada as a place to do reasonable business. Finally, we must be crazy to allow increased transport of hazardous goods on rail lines adjacent to the most pristine rivers in the world.

  • Jeanne - 1 year ago

    Bogus poll. Voted more than once no problem. If building more pipelines is eßentisl to all of Canada as Motley and Trudeau claim why no pipelines to the East.?.

  • Tim - 1 year ago

    Born in BC, currently live in Vancouver.

    I'm a moderate and took the time to see what each side had to say regarding this issue over the last couple months. My conclusion is that the facts don't fit the narrative of these eco-fanatics. It makes me sad that blindness to reality is so common when people are so completely driven by ideology. The kind of fervor and narrow-mindedness you typically only see in political and religious matters, which I guess isn't surprising as you can certainly make the case that this is their religion.

    They don't make hypocrites any bigger than our current premier. Hopefully this will be his last term.

  • Zee - 1 year ago

    As long as the silent majority remains silent, this will be the reality in Canada. As long as normal, sane people keep tolerating brainwashed zealots of global warming dogma, no pipeline will ever get built again in this country. The far left represented by Trudeaus, Horgans, Weavers of this world thrives on the indifference and passivity of those who will not bother even to vote every few years. It is this passivity and indifference that allows groups of Marxist fanatics set the tone and agenda of any public debate. Dogma excludes any debates, rational thinking; it does not follow any rules of a civilized society. It is hypocritical and dishonest to the extreme. So perhaps next time when you hear someone pushing that dogma, don’t be silent. Speak up! Don’t accept the jibberish thrown around in your presence and make it clear that it is an absolute nonsense. Present your view and defend it; back it up with facts and stand your ground!

  • Shauna Robertson - 1 year ago

    Put your money where your mouth is. Where should the pipeline go? What is YOUR address? Like connect the dots. Let's do this.

  • Shauna Robertson - 1 year ago

    All you pro-pipeliners, how close are you willing to live? The helicopter flies down on Mondays.

  • Shauna Robertson - 1 year ago

    Anti-pipeline, as well is everyone I've talked to. Educate yourself. I'm with John Horgan. Let's keep our land pristine. The.original line runs straight through my neighbourhood, 4 doors down. How 'bout you, Rachel? How close are you willing to live?

  • art art - 1 year ago

    Actually I think there is some bum in Ottawa that needs to bucky up and do the damn job he is paid to do. Horgan is a guy who never won the election but has to eat crow for some small party to stay in power. BUT Trudeau should/could simply put his foot down and get our Canadian economy going again. It is a sad day when the elected are only concerned about votes. This concerns all of Canada. It is our bread and butter. It pays for our roads, hospitals, welfare, military and everything else.

  • Kevin - 1 year ago

    Other countries are trying to reduce fossil fuel consumption in favour of investing in renewable energy technologies. It is completely backwards for Canada to invest in "yesterdays" fuel. Just look at all the data about climate change and how it's affecting our planet, warming waters, causing weather fluctuations, impacting wildlife, etc. This is not a time to encourage and facilitate MORE fuels, but rather take a stand and be an example to the world on REDUCING the use of them.

    What good is wealth, jobs and econo mic prosperity if we make out planet inhospitable to live on. The impacts will hit us sooner than we think, and even faster if CANADA doesn't draw a line in the sand and be an example to other nations.

  • Peter - 1 year ago

    The US has a prime interest preventing Canada getting access to other markets. This would mean the end for them to dictate the price.
    Are they financing opposition groups?
    If Hogan would not be so narrow minded, the private sector was willing to foot the bill for the pipeline. Trudeau had no choice as it is in the interest of Canada to get the infrastructure.
    It will pay back in the end. Remember the fuss about PetroCan? Turned out to be a good investment.

  • S Taylor - 1 year ago

    I'd rather spend money on a BC Referendum!!

  • Bob Mannn - 1 year ago

    Firstly, the BC 'govt' is illegitimate.. it basically stole its way into power by concocting a coup with the Greens.. and they do not represent the people! Secondly, there is already a pipeline on the proposed route so that is not an issue.. and there are obvious ways of minimizing the risk of increased tanker traffic to zero. This is all about an anti-business crusade by a misguided fool who doesn't have a clue about what makes the economy tick. He should resign or call an election. What a total embarrassment to the province and the country. The socialist NDP's only plan, is to tax everyone into the ground and create a society where everyone is equally miserable.

  • Paul C - 1 year ago

    I respect everyone's opinion and them taking the time to write it!
    instead of a Poll which can be inflated, I suggest the written Comments are counted as For and Against such as 77 Comments against and 33 for or vice versa.
    This way a person's time to write a Comment has Value beyond just a yes or no and opens up communication!

  • Don Gaughan - 1 year ago

    Look at the insulting degrading hateful bigoted remarks of the anti pipeline mob on this page.
    It reveals the ignorant closed minded fanatical minority that is disturbingly indifferent to the pain and loss they inflict on others ...petty unproductive adverserial self deluded haters that pump up their fragile egos by falsely believing in their own questionable propaganda that they are brave and strong by illegally obstructing the freedom of other actually productive groups in Canada.
    Canada is a democracy and these fanatical groups should nevet be able to obstruct the freedom and legal activities of other Canadians.
    We should give them the same treatment..identify the anti protest mob mrmbetd.protest outside their homes , ( as they get into their fossil fueled vehicles)obstruct their ability to make a living., .( and cut off those on welfare paid for by workers and companies they are are obstructing) and finaaly give this arrogant bully mob the justice and treatment they have mindlessly inflicted on others.

  • Craig - 1 year ago

    If you are as sick of this Horigan/Weaver monster and the damage it is doing to our Province, you had better come out swinging against the electoral scam they are planning on perpetrating this fall. They are totally stacking the deck to get the result they desire which will lead to endless minority governments with radical small party’s holding the balance of power. Does that sound familiar ? I think we need to pull out the recall option and get rid of these undemocratic toads before they destroy our province.

  • Paul C - 1 year ago

    Say the price is 10 Billion Dollars. Divide that by 37 Million Canadians = $270.00 each, one time.

  • Christine Hunt - 1 year ago

    Grow up you rednecks! Your uninformed B.S. is getting stale.
    The Fed's didn't do a proper job of consulting with most First Nations. Hence, our protest. We also want to keep our coast pristine. So many of our people rely on the water and what it can produce to feed us.
    Why can't they build it through the north to Alaska? You know damn well they won't have it either.

  • ARO - 1 year ago

    It's amazing Horgan can stand up telling people he's protecting the coast...meanwhile RAW sewage which creates dead zones in the ocean is PUMPED into the ocean EVERYDAY now!!! And fish farming is KILLING aquaculture...right now...not some maybe will happen future event..the hypocrisy of John Horgan and Premier Andrew Weaver ( come on we all know who's really running the show here) is ridiculous

  • Roger Grypiuk - 1 year ago

    The reason HE is raising our taxes is to pay for the lawyers for his fight against the pipeline,to my understanding is over 10,000,000.00 and growing, Look at the polls this man should call an election NOW.

  • Chris - 1 year ago

    ooops ... Moron... not Mormon

  • gordon - 1 year ago

    just glad that Crusty Clarke and her Crimanals are not still running this province. Good riddance

  • Chris - 1 year ago

    If 77 % of responders are in favour of this pipeline WHO elected this mornon?

  • William C - 1 year ago

    Canada was and is built on natural resources. Do those opposed think that everyone can be a teacher or social worker. Where do you think the money comes from to build schools and hospitals? Do you drive? Do you fly a jet to vacation? Do you wear fleece, goret

  • Al - 1 year ago

    First of all. It's a good thing for our economy and it really bugs me that we have Horgan taxing the crap out of us . He never even won the election.

  • Mzizima - 1 year ago

    Canada is what she is today, largely because of her natural resources, chiefly fossil fuel amongst them, was developed just not for the benefit of a single jurisdiction, but for the country as a whole. It is saddening to note that this economic fact is being tossed overboard for the sake of an ideological concept, without any regard to the inevitable economic catastrophe this course of action will ensue.

  • Evelyn Hussein - 1 year ago

    Horgan is the cause of all this ridiculous protesting. Perhaps the Fist Nations who support the pipeline should be the ones that stand up to the protesters on site. That would get everyone's attention.

  • Jd - 1 year ago

    Because of horgans refusal all of canada pays. Please dont blame the feds. Its horgans fault that kinder morgan pulled out in the first place. We need à new premier so lets work together and forcr him out

  • BC Love - 1 year ago

    I was born and raised inf BC. I wouldn't ever thinking of leaving this beautiful Province. I made a very big mistake.......I voted for the NDP last election. My family, friends and I did not think David Eby would attack motor vehicle victims' rights because I remember when he articled and after went to PIVOT. I was haply supporting Horgan and Eby, but if I could, I would take my vote back and tell everyone on my social networks to please please please not vote for the NDP. John Horgan has killed relations with our neighbour Alberta. NDP and Greens must go

  • Don Leikam - 1 year ago

    John Horgan is not the real elected premier of BC. Kristy Clark was elected by & for the people of BC. J. Horgan is only propped up by 3 GREEN mistresses. The seat of power is so delicate. But for 3 mistresses, John could lose power in a flash today, - should they turn on him. - John's opinion matters not; he is speaking as he's being told to.

  • David therens - 1 year ago

    No pipeline boycott any produce products etc and no tourism dollars spent in
    Bc maybe if they want to restrict Canadian economy we can squeeze theirs

  • Hassan Merali - 1 year ago

    Absolutely. The politicians in Ottawa ans Edmonton won't have to change their commute or pay more in municipal taxes if the pipeline spills. The people who live in its vicinity will.

  • Darby - 1 year ago

    Let’s get it built.....and move on too other issues affecting people of this province. Just get on with other issues like housing and health care and the price of gas and issues that effect every day lives. Do your job in stead of causing havoc with the rest of the country.

  • Terry - 1 year ago

    I almost gagged when Horgan said he was protecting BC's "pristine" coastal waters.

    According to the Suzuki Foundation, Vancouver and Victoria pump untreated sewage and chemicals equivalent to 10,000 Exxon Valdez spills. That's every year. .

    The only reason he's continuing to pursue his court case is to keep Weaver happy. No Weaver .... no power.

    Typical NDP. Corrupt is as corrupt does.

  • Peter McCormick - 1 year ago

    The one positive thing in this pipeline mess is that it will likely be the end of Justin Trudeau. But, it cost us $4.5B to get rid of him. In my view, this is a small price.

    Under the current federal leadership we find ourselves living in a Country that is NOT open to business. Canada ranks at the bottom in developed countries in terms of business investment. Business investment is dropping substantially both from internal and external sources and this will show itself in coming years with job losses followed by the exit of human capital. Canada has an economy fueled by immigration and housing construction and federal government spending. These are are not sustaining industries.

  • King Bingo - 1 year ago

    "Trudeau is the real problem here."


    Really? He's dealing with a provincial government that ignores the law and will not listen to reason.

    As the B.C. government has announced that it is still going to keep on moronically fighting the pipeline anyway, pretending it has the power it obviously does not have and that it has never exerted in 40 years of bitumen being shipped through B.C., Trudeau's next step is to use the declaratory power to convert the land from B.C. land into federal land.

    What else can he do?

  • Doug Brown - 1 year ago

    Horgan is in a weak leadership position with support from the Greens. I don't agree with his approach but at the same time it doesn't surprise me as he is limited in what he can do. He is trapped.

    What is really upsetting is PM Trudeau. If Trudeau had "governed" and made decision as he was elected to do then we wouldn't be in this mess. Other PM's have had similar rogue Premier's over the years and their position was swiftly and quietly extinguished. The problem is that Trudeau let Horgan 1. begin and 2 go on too long with the rhetoric about the pipeline.

    Now Horgan can not go back as he is committed to the idea.

    Trudeau is the real problem here.

  • Kingo Bingo - 1 year ago

    Andrew- 4 hours ago
    I didn’t realize so many Albertans read the Vancouver Sun. Lol


    They don't

  • linda cavalheiro - 1 year ago

    Government always do what they want you cannot win against them, eventually the parts of the West will separate from the rest of Canada

  • Wally - 1 year ago

    Dear Catherine
    I’m old and retired. I don’t sit around all day. In fact I worked darn hard for 45 years paying my taxes never once putting a drag on the social system. Never collected a dime on EI but paid plenty into it. It sounds like you are a younger person and I resent your comment insinuating that “old people” just sit around. A lot of us older folks paved the way for the younger generations to have the choices they have now. In other words—show a little respect!

  • Cathryn Posehn - 1 year ago

    Polls mean nothing.
    The other day a few of us were on the subject of polls and how do they come up with these numbers. None of us had ever been a part of a survey poll or knew of anyone who's ever answered a poll. So where do they find these people? Where do they get these numbers?
    The majority of mainstream media is viewed by people 67 years and older. They are the retired folks who are at home all day watching TV news, reading the paper and listening to talk radio shows.
    Younger people are too busy with work, families and life to have time to answer polls. They get their news off the internet or their phones. Not TV or newspapers.
    This is sad because it's the younger people who are concerned about the environment and the future of our planet. They're more concerned about clean water and a clean earth than their predecessors.
    They've already been left with a big mess to clean up because of our selfishness.
    So lets just dump some more on them. I guess it's their problem and their children's problem.
    You guys can rest in Peace.

  • Sheldon Reed - 1 year ago

    Typical NDP stupidity, It's going to happen regardless of anything. It's Big business for Canada. However refinement and control should be in the the Hands of BC. Also there needs to be a bomb proof plan of guaranteed action in the event of the slightest bit of contamination or spills, Tankers should be 110% spill proof regardless of anything totally sealed no matter what happens. Our coast's protection and habitat is #1 priority! BC should also see much lower fuel prices as part of the conditions, Permanently!

  • Eugene - 1 year ago

    It’s just so he can stay in power no interest in the rest of us just him so arrogant

  • Sean - 1 year ago

    So what was going to be a corporately paid thing is now going to cost all taxpayers because of all governments stupidity

  • David - 1 year ago

    Horgan is doing exactly what he promised to do in the election campaign - stand up for B.C.'s interest. I'm surprised so many in this province say they are willing to bend over for Alberta and now Trudeau. No pride?

  • C - 1 year ago

    He’s against some pipelines, not all just the ones that aren’t directly affecting his economy. Take in mind Vancouver is also North America’s biggest coal port. You know that clean burning coal. I wish they would have starved out Vancouver.

  • Jamie - 1 year ago

    100% Behind you Mr Horgan! Our coast is way too important. The risk of the increased tanker traffic is just way too high, and the promises of "world class" cleanup response has fallen short. Just look at the small spill in english bay a few years ago. Not only was the response slow (people were swimming in the water the next day, unaware of the spill) and the taxpayers are on the hook for the cleanup.

    Additionally the pipeline is only profitable when oil prices are high (much higher than now). It makes no sense since pricing is so volatile. There's a reason why KM was ready to walk away, and no one else was willing to take it up. It wasn't politics, it was profit that drove that decision.

    Pro pipeline folks don't seem to recognize that our pristine coast is precious and worth protecting. It's not worth the devastation a spill would bring to only bolster profits for a foreign oil company.

  • Wally - 1 year ago

    The market for our refined products is limited. Importers want our raw crude so the can refine what they need. Horgan blames the lack of refineries on high gas prices in B.C. I suggest he put one in his ruding if he thinks that’s the problem. No one ever told an oil company how to make money-if it made money they’d be refining it here for export but it doesn’t compute. Horgan & Weaver are expensive politicians to operate & will run our tax bill thru the roof. I don’t like the govt buying the pipeline either but Horgan & Weaver playing the villiage idiots have caused this situation. I’m also confused that Firrst Nations claim they weren’t consulted properly but I understand that 42 First Nations are in favour of the pipeline. How is it possible that some were consulted but others weren’t? Just build the pipeline. Bring in the army & the fire hoses to deal with the civil disobedience that’s bound to happen.

  • Shandi - 1 year ago

    No. I 100% support the pipeline. Get off your high horse and realize more British Columbians want the pipeline. The ndp should've never gotten into power. They will ruin the province once again.

  • Garth - 1 year ago

    This is a contest BC cannot win, but can spend a lot of money and goodwill fighting. Premier Horgan, don't be the kind of guy that can't read the writing on the wall until your back is up to it. You made your point. Move on.

  • Axel Krieger - 1 year ago

    Plastics are made from oil.

    If we burn all our oil, we're screwed.

    We should look fast and furious toward solar and wind power in we're going to survive!

    Also, based on what I've heard of "the deal", BC gets very little in ruturn for our "exposure to potential disaster".

    Also, why sell our "RAW" resources, like logs and oil. We should process here and sell finished products. Keep the jobs in Canada.

    I think these are the things the governments should be thinking about.

  • S Taylor - 1 year ago

    So I think I have this right, what we stand to loose if this isn't finished.... 4.5 billion on assets, 7billion on construction costs?,15 billion a yr in discounts to US, 1.5 billion ocean protection plan, jobs across Canada, lawyers fees, court costs, and our reputation not only within Canada but to the rest of the world!!! Thanks Horgan,Trudeau and green party! I feel like anyone that does not agree with this pipeline is taking there quality of life for granted!! Maybe you would be better off in the middle East. If Horgan restricts the flow once this is built how do we make are money back?

  • Steve - 1 year ago

    Keep up the fight John we're with you!!

  • Mike - 1 year ago

    Johnny....you had your chance. You blew it. See you at the polls...you're out!

  • mike b - 1 year ago

    This is just politics, if he doesn't block the pipeline Andrew Weaver will pull his support of the minority government and presto the BC Liberals are back in power.

    Don't think for a second JT and RN don't know this - hence the buyout of the project

  • Don rimrock - 1 year ago

    If John Horgan wasn’t such an Idiot Kinder Morgan would have paid for the pipeline and it would have been business as usual but instead he has to speak for what he thinks is all British Columbians and now the tax payer has to foot the bill, ole John Horgan needs to realize that BC isn’t just Vancouver and the Island, as far as I’m concerned we should hold another election and see what BC thinks!!

  • Dane - 1 year ago

    Vote in stupid people, expect stupid results. This is now proven provincially as well as federally. Build the pipeline because the majority (by a wide margin) want it built. Trudeau, you didn't have to spend one red cent of tax payers mony you idiot. KM met all the requirements to build the pipeline, got the approval, enough with Horgan/Weaver satanic union dictating their personal beliefs on us. Build it and through any and all (I'm looking at you Dizzy Lizzy) in jail if they impede construction

  • Ash from BC - 1 year ago

    Horgan - I voted for you last time but didn't know your insane greed for power and to the extent you would go to damage Canada's interests.

    Please back out and let the pipeline go ahead or neither you nor Green party is going to get my vote.

  • Kevin - 1 year ago

    Horgan is now payin for a pipeline like everyone else .... He is a complete disgrace to all the people that did not vote that waiter from the keg lol . He prob eats alberta beef too boot

  • Larry - 1 year ago

    Why doesn’t he call a election and let BC decide!

  • George herman - 1 year ago

    I certainly do not support premier John hogan , when I went to school the definition government.was by the people,of the people, for the people , what ever happened to democracy where the majority rules and the majority of Canadians are in favor of the pipeline THIS WHOLE SITUATION IS JUST PLAIN STUPID!

  • Tatjana Mirkovic - 1 year ago

    This poll is bogus!!!
    I just voted twice, could cast my vote 10,000 timescand sway results!!!!
    Bullshit poll!!!!

  • R.M. - 1 year ago

    Holy Hell, obviously whoever is still gunning for this pipeline is wearing horse blinders. You all seem to think that oil is the be all, end all of energy and revenue sources. Honestly, the oil industry is going to be short lived; it is a NON-RENEWABLE energy source. For those of you who failed your science teachers, that means that it will eventually run out. I think I'm being fair when I say that I'd rather not waste an incredible amount of money on something that may not even outlast my own lifetime. Not only will it not last, but while it's still struggling to be here it's destroying our living environment.

    The oil industry is not the only answer, it is not the best answer and it should not be the answer we settle with.

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