Did Pusha T go too far?

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  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 2 years ago

    I only said yes because he cane for his momma. His MOMMA?! Niggas *snap* about they momma. I remember Rod tellin a story about getting into a fight with a boy who kept on pushin him...then he said something about his mom's voice...now WHY he do that? So he got Rod's hands. Idk if you can come for Ghandi's mom and get away with it????

  • Really Dark Knight - 2 years ago

    I think Pusha T probably went too far. Then again, I'm not in the line of fire and on the sidelines eating this popcorn.

    I was more excited to see Ja and 50 come out of the woodwork since there's rap beef. Just to remind everybody.

  • Dr_Doughstax - 2 years ago

    Pusha Tea ain't go too far in my book. Granted, I ain't shit, but there's a time for woke and a time for jokes. And since my watch said it's roast o'clock...this ain't shitness is gonna fly. And I readily admit that I laugh at horrible things. Like if Drake wanted to be ain't shit, he could clap back at Pusha be mentioning his brother's HIV scare or ask what was a greatet struggle: growing up in poverty or defending being a whole grown ass man with plaits (I will invoice OVO if either of these happen).

    Pusha Terrorist is a 40 year old man who has held onto his braids almost as long as Coolio; you can't put nothing past that nigga. Rap beefs are decided by folks with humor...or abject cruelty, hence Drake joking Pusha for being older than Kanye is met with Push saying Drake's best friend is dying from MS.

    How folks treat other folk can be a reflection of they treat others. Pusha Tea has been rocking plaits since folks said Bill Clinton was our first Black president; if he does that to himself, what hope does Drake have? Also, Drake's daddy dresses like he has endorsement deals from Steve Harvey's closet and Bammas R Us Suit Emporium. I know he's never done Drake any favors as a father, but damn though.

  • GrnEyedBandit - 2 years ago

    Was waiting for Pusha to unload like this! Didn't expect him to bring up the son that has been rumored for some time. Anybody that thinks Push went to far must be a Drake stand or some young thundercat. Did Drake go to far when he made light of Kid Dude's depression and drug problems in 2 Birds 1 Stone? Did Tupac when he went alllllll the way there on Hit Em Up? Like Rod, I'm just scared what else Pusha might dig up.

  • lamalamatime - 2 years ago

    OH MAH GAWD. Pusha Tea! I just can't even...I thought Drake, wannabe Jamaican ass nigga, had it with "Duppy." But, Pusha Tea blew up his whole spot. Drake Daddy do be wearing Steve Harvey suits! I know the rumor about his son Adonis has been speculated on for a minute.

    Anyway, I voted "Nope it was fine by me." I don't know how far is too far in a beef, but I do know I have said some Pusha Tea type disses when people don't "cut the crap!" I am an introvert who minds my business and I am a Jamaican so when I lose it I go hard. Pusha Tea just hit a wall in regards to Drake's crap.

    If I was Drake I would Homer Simpson into the bushes and be a father to my child.

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