Which Pixar movie should be the highest seed for Filmspotting Madness Best of the 2000s? (Poll Closed)

  • Monsters, Inc.

  • Finding Nemo

  • The Incredibles

  • Cars

  • Ratatouille

  • WALL-E

  • Up

Posted 6 months.


  • Kyle - 5 months ago

    Although it’s ethos is more Ayn Rand than Pixar, I have to go with the interloper Brad Bird and his Incredibles. It’s my vote for favorite super hero movie of all time. Is there any sequence more thrilling or suspenseful than Elastigirl getting stuck between the doors at the badguy HQ? Wall-e by comparison is pretty rough around the edges at times. The live action Fred Willard? The heavy handed conservation lesson? It’s all pretty clumsy and something to tolerate rather than enjoy.

  • Scott Nothen - 5 months ago

    Before I comment on the movies, I must thank Pixar for making such entertaining and rewatchable films that, even as
    a father of three boys, I never had to watch Barney. Now, starting at the bottom--Cars, sorry this was as formulaic as
    as a formula one race. Monsters, inc.--cute, but suffers from having to be compared with much greater pixar films.
    Ratatouille--funny, but come on, it's a rat cooking!! ... and Josh was baulking at Chewbacca eating humans.
    Now we get to the really good stuff...Finding Nemo's only flaw--Marlin is so damn annoying, constantly making the
    worst choices in order to serve as a plot driver. The Incredibles--wonderful film, only knock is the final battle scene
    is weak, and there is not enough Jack Jack. Up has some true brilliance... the mini-movie that starts off the film is one of
    the great tear jerkers, so strong that the rest of the film suffers,and the mad scientist character at the end is just
    a little over the top.
    Which brings us to my favorite pixar film,
    Wall-E...a lonely janitor with a heart of platinum finds love and saves the world. You can't beat that.
    (As a side note, is Wall-E so prescient that it predicts a future filmspotting madness---musicals?)

  • Benji - 5 months ago

    WALL-E all the way. I didn't want to like it, but couldn't help love it.

    - Hudson Valley

  • Jeff Poretsky - 5 months ago

    So torn on this one. WALL-E and Up. I finally chose WALL-E because of the first half. I love the second half, but the silent-movie vibe of WALL-E living on earth all alone except for his companion and the courting of Eve is wonderful.

    With that. I will fight to the end of my days that the first act/reel of Up is one of the best love stories ever put on film.

    If you are as evil here as you have been in the past you will rig the bracket so that WALL-E and Up go against each other near the end.

  • Phil - 5 months ago

    The Incredibles easily for me, start to finish a great film.

    Let’s face it Wall-E is half a great film, after they leave earth it becomes just another madcap kids film.

  • Amanda Walla - 5 months ago

    All strong films (with the exception of Cars) but you couldn't pass by an electronics store or walk into a Best Buy without Finding Nemo playing on every. single. screen. on loop for the next 6 years after it came out so, to me, there's no contest.

  • Taylor Cole, Chicago - 5 months ago

    Voting with my heart, so I need to pick Finding Nemo. Simple as that.
    However, I'm worried Michael Phillips might have some things to say if Ratatouille doesn't make the cut. And after The Iron Giant lost in round 1 for Best of the 90s (probably rightfully to Schindler's List, but with different seeding I would have liked to see it go farther), it would be great to see some Brad Bird representation in best of the 00's. Going out on a limb, but I'm guessing Tomorrowland isn't going to make the bracket for best of the 2010's...

  • Paul Castle - 5 months ago

    I've been an unabashed glutton of all things Pixar since I first saw Toy Story in the movie theater at the age of 10. My 23-year love affair with the Pixar Compendium makes this a challenging decision to make. But upon rewatching all of these films over the past year, I concluded that there is only one right answer: Up.

    Let me make this easy to understand: Every other film listed in this poll sounds like a fantastic idea on paper. Monsters, robots, talking cars, a rat with big dreams, a fish on a thrilling journey, and a family of superheroes. Sure - they're all wonderfully original, but when you hear them pitched isn't it easy to imagine how fun they will be?

    Now take Up: A senior citizen travels to Venezuela while grieving, and ultimately accepting, his wife's tragic death.

    Just think about that for a second.

    And yet with the odds stacked against it, this film winds up being the most inventive, most inspired, and most emotionally cathartic animated film I've ever seen (and yes, Adam, I've seen Grave of the Fireflies!)

    If you haven't seen Up in a while, watch it again and you will agree. There's a reason the Academy recognized it as the sole Best Picture nominee among these 7 films.

    Paul Castle
    Seattle, WA

  • Mitka Alperovitz - 5 months ago

    aaahh, poor Cars.

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