Did you watch the season 8 leaks/early releases? Or are you waiting for episodes naturally?

Posted 6 months.


  • Gamer101_123 - 5 months ago

    Since there's no vote saying I watched the leaks in winter 2017, I'll just say my piece of honesty:
    Yes, I watched leaked episodes that happened last year (Can you really blame me for being curious?), but I didn't listen to episode 5 audio or watch the Mean six episode because that one would be a flop. I will say though that watching Surf and/or Turf early didn't kill the excitement for me, in fact it pretty much invigorated me to see it when it first aired on stream (Even though I had to work a morning shift in retail). It was the best episode out of the bunch!

    And I will say that while leaking early production content can be very damaging to a company and the fandom in general, there will be people who are curious to know what's in the box. (I don't support leakage crimes, I'm just stating my opinion, that's all).

  • Famekki - 5 months ago

    I watched the Finnish version WITHOUT subtitles!

  • Ponygirl - 5 months ago

    I watched them all, the episode leaks and the animatics

  • Sam - 5 months ago

    this is MURICA, fuck yeah!

  • katie - 5 months ago

    I don't watch the show anymore so I don't bother with leaks... I'm only lurking to see if the show is getting better in Applejack's case, but I haven't noticed anyone talk about anything specific that's enough to pull me back in. The show is still unfair and I hate it for that.

  • RenegadePegasus - 5 months ago

    Some of my faith in this fandom has been restored after seeing the results of this poll.

  • seahorse - 5 months ago

    Leaks and animatics ruin the surprise of watching the actual episode.

  • Surreal - 5 months ago

    There's like legitimately no option that says "Yes I've watched the leaks" or something like that. Get your shit together EQD!!!

  • HalflingPony - 5 months ago

    I'm in no hurry to watch any of this stuff. I saw episodes 9 and 10 last night and probably won't watch any more for a couple more weeks. The leaks are meaningless to me.

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