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What attribute is the most important for the Navy's next flame-resistant uniform?


  • Dean Robinson - 5 years ago

    Coveralls are the most practical uniform on ship. In case of a Damage Control scenario, the sailor can easily hop-in, zip-up and go fight the ship. With this new design you are stealing precious seconds away from the sailor(s) to be able to do what they need to do. I cannot think of any sailor I've been around that would want to get out of coveralls and into an ugly two piece like this. There's a reason why we got away from dungarees... let's not go back to looking like auto mechanics!

  • DANNY FULLER - 5 years ago

    Why not use the two piece flight uniform that HELO squadrons use (green & desert tan) that way brown shirts and brown boots already issued in the sea bag can be authorized for those two uniforms. Greens for E-6 and below Tan for upper chain of command the uniforms are already feild tested and already in production and are already authorized for off ship wear you have an alternative uniform that holds up and keeps a professional appearance.

  • Nick VanHerpen - 5 years ago

    How about a white hat made out of decent material that can be shaped. Not the pos currently in use. Let them be able to be individually shaped like 50 years ago

  • WILLIAM EMILIUS - 5 years ago

    ANY Work Uniform MUST have Functionality or it is of No Use. Feeling Warm & Fuzzy driving back and forth to work shouldn't even be a question.
    Durability for the Long Haul should be second priority

  • Jerry Arel Lt.(LDO) ret. - 5 years ago

    The Navy had adorable uniform it was called chambray shirt and bell bell-bottom dungarees Ten more years and you'll be right back to where we started. Stop wasting money.

  • Mac McEntyre - 5 years ago

    They used to call it a working uniform, dungarees. No it was not fashionable but it worked. Go back to dungarees and stop changing the uniform because it cost the sailors money out of their pocket!!!

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