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  • SeeingEye - 2 years ago

    I voted for Dickey's, even though Wright's ball rotation was practically non-existent. Wright's pitch broke down and away, but Dickey's pitch was totally unpredictable, changing directions several times on the way to the plate.

  • Tramain - 2 years ago

    When comparing the two...
    Dickey = hittable
    Wright = unhittable
    Winner = Wright

  • Patrick Sullivan - 2 years ago

    I'm a long time R A Dickey fan, but I voted for Steven Wright on the comparison of these two Gifs only because when you compare the degree of rotation of the pitched ball in each of the two Gifs, there is virtually no rotation on Wright's pitch. Of course, it is the lack of rotation on the pitched ball that makes a knuckleball so unpredictable in where the ball is actually going. Dickey's pitch had a slight degree more of rotation than Wright's pitch, so I chose Wright (only) when comparing these two Gifs.

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