Do you think the Starbucks training helped?

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  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 6 years ago

    That training sounded horrible. Even if you weren't black, I can only imagine how triggering it might be to see people getting whipped on, beat on, and shot. If you're racist, though, you might just think that's what they deserve. It doesn't really solve anything . We have sensitivity training at my job, but it's almost like etiquette classes. They teach you how to check your bias or give you tips on how to be empathetic. The unspoken rule is "you don't know what that person has been through before they walked through the door." (You can't even say "treat people how you want to be treated," because if you come from a fucked up background you're going to treat people in a fucked up way.) Starbuck's is not the place to have a long discussion about racism.

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