Should the province ban fish farms on B.C. coastal waters?

Posted 5 months.


  • Karin Hertel - 5 months ago

    We know by now that ocean placed fish farms pollute and endanger the wild salmon. If we want wild salmon in the future something has to change.
    Farmed salmon has very soft flesh and no taste. Why should we want it because it is just cheaper? I don't think anybody eats wild salmon every day and paying a bit more is acceptable.
    I don't think land based farming is any better. They have to be medicated and we ingest more chemicals.
    No farmed salmon for me - thank you!

  • John Marshall - 5 months ago

    Unfortunately forcing the BC fish farms from the ocean to land probably would put the industry out of business. If fish farms world wide were forced to operate from land than BC would not be ant any financial disadvantage. The cost of operating from land is obviously higher and BC's fish would be priced out of market. And with our fish farms closed the price of wild would inevitably rise. And this would be the worst case scenario for the survival of BC's wild salmon.

  • Heather Brokeshire - 5 months ago

    Way to switch the question from the title to the actual poll. Trying to trick a person into your preferred response. Too bad for you - people with jobs are generally smarter than those without.

  • Fred Varrelman - 5 months ago

    I'd rather have fish from a fish farm rather than fish that migrate to the most polluted area of the Pacific, ingest micro plastic fibres and then to finish then to off swim and feed in the untreated sewage of BC waters. Rather have fish farms located in clean and healthy waters away from sewage and plastic. But that's just me, maybe some people enjoy the sewage LOL

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