Moment of the Month - May (Poll Closed)

  • Joker kills the guy anyway. - DC Nation #0
    10 votes

  • Brother Eye shows Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown what was taken from them and then proceed to kick the A.I.'s ass. - Detective Comics #980.
    22 votes

  • In the bowels of a Coluan prison, the League find ... Vril Dox! - Justice League: No Justice #2
    1 vote

  • "My name is Hunter Zolomon but you can call me Zoom... and together we are going to save your children." Zoom's gonna help Wally get his kids back- Flash #47
    8 votes

  • Johnny Thunder finds Alan Scott's lantern and then is rescued by Saturn Girl and Nu Rorschach - Doomsday Clock #5
    6 votes


Poll posted 1 year ago.

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