Who is the WTF Summer Stinker 2018


  • SarahK - 5 years ago

    Ditto Fred Karno

    I also gave Lady G a vote for the laughs her 'outfit' gave me, To conceive of and to wear it she must have been taking the piss out of someone - maybe Madonna or a certain Prime Minister's shoes :lol:

  • Christine Alexander - 5 years ago

    Soooooo difficult to choose. But Dascha Polenko gets my vote because she probably paid a shitload of money for whatever tat and used underwear the 'designer' found at the nearest thrift store and hot glued together in 15 mins. Then thought 'Oh, hey, I've got that grommet punch I've never used in 5 years - Let's give it a go!'
    And she thinks she looks sooooo gooood.

  • leslie Verrinder - 5 years ago

    It really has to be Gillian McKeith - because, bless her, she has tried so hard and given her all to be voted "Summer stinker 2018"

  • Marta - 5 years ago

    Joy : you fucking hypocrite - what's with the tiara and the whole bull-shit statement, how dare you!! you monumental pile of excrement pass judgement on other people's decision about their life, you pompous useless asshole, you are really a prime example of why certain pregnancy terminations are necessary!!

    Bleona : new boobs or more clothing - on second thoughts more clothing we don't care for your saggy bits

    Dascha : huge liposuction in the upper legs (between the knees and the waist) plus a big diet is a must, otherwise stay indoors

    Isabella : was she high?

    Jeremy : shoot him

    Nico : so sad to watch a grown-up man like this

    Nya Lee : those upper legs/bum (between the knee and the waist) need urgent and very serious liposuction/cosmetic surgery and a humongous diet, she looks like the monster of the dark lagoon

    Rihanna : please go on a good diet and shoot your stylist, this person is taking the mickey out of you, whilst making you look like a real toad and a looser

    St Vincent : is this person really this pathetic, why would she go out like this

    Iris van Herper : go and see a shrink, only derange and psychotic people go out liking like that.

    Victoria : about time she started to act her age, that little number is really appalling and tragic

  • Jane Hallett - 5 years ago

    So hard to decide who NOT to vote for. I spared Adam Rippon because I love him. But I shouldn’t have.

  • Michael - 5 years ago

    Jeremy Scott got my vote, the fact that he designed that for himself says it all and he looks oh so pleased with himself too. Ugh. Keep up the fantastic work WTF, Friday's are an even better now.

  • Fred Karno - 5 years ago

    As usual, the female stinkers are somewhere between vulgar and obscene. The men get my vote because, in addition, they are so very creepy.

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