Will Athenahealth be a better company without Jonathan Bush as CEO? (Poll Closed)
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  • MerryMe - 2 years ago

    By most accounts, Steve Jobs was a douche, but I don't think Apple is better off today.

  • Debtor - 2 years ago

    This question all hangs on your definition of "company".

    Will his exit be to the near-term benefit of the shareholders? Almost certainly.

    Will his exit be to the benefit of employees? Hard to say. athena's 'culture' has already had some seismic shifts, and I suspect that not having a staunch defender in the corner office will destroy it. Which will probably be good for some employees and bad for others. Presumably in a strategic sale, there will be a good number of redundant employees it will be bad for.

    Will his exit be to the benefit of customers? Short run? Probably. Jonathan was often a voice for investing R&D dollars in long-shot bets while ignoring or putting off the technology 'demands' of large clients. Without him in the room, I suspect that the R&D demands of the large clients (and even vocal small clients) will win the day. This is "good" for clients in the short run...but stifles innovation in the long run.

  • Bushwacker - 2 years ago

    Jonathan was often politically incorrect and boorish as well a lightening rod and a showman. Athena will never be worth than it is now. So better without JB - maybe. More valuable - I think not.

  • Johnnysmooth - 2 years ago

    Rarely does it go well for a company when the visionary leader is taken out and replaced with bean counters.

  • TommyD - 2 years ago

    The finance guys will ruin the in place client support system, increase pricing pain and sell off the remnants. As a customer, I am not pleased.

  • Hermanator - 2 years ago

    I’m worried without JB, sole focus will be investor return vs. customers & product development. Although not perfect, JB understood the value of customers.

  • Bobs your uncle - 2 years ago

    I'll miss Micheal J Fox and had so much fun with him at the hissies

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