Do you think Elon is serious about adding rocket thrusters to the Roadster?

  • Alan Rogers - 2 years ago

    I really think he will try it out. On at lest ONE of the vehicles, just to see if it would work, for one, and to see if it could actually be handled by an average driver. (Although, of course, anyone who would drive one of the new Roadsters would be well above average, at least in their own minds.

    If he were to proceed with this plan, might there not be special Driver's Training classes offered, not just someone showing you all of the details of the car, but actual classes that you MUST pass to be able to safely drive one without injuring anyone, including yourself.

    Makes sense to me. A high-powered automobile, gas or electric or nuclear, should instill a feeling of safety in people who must be around such a car.

    "Oh, the driver of that car? He has a Special Permit to drive it showing that he passed the Safe Driver's Course."

  • floydboy1 - 2 years ago

    C'mon guys, really? COMPRESSED AIR/GAS THRUSTERS! The kind that guide the first stage upon return. Not fuel burning rocket motors. Likely going to be a small electric compressor to a tank serving double duty(air suspension and gas thrusters) This allows simultaneous air thrust vectoring/propulsion and brake/motor(maybe) cooling.

  • Joe maryanski - 2 years ago

    These boosters would have to run off electric somehow.. or another fuel would need to be offered at supercharger locations along with the promised air pumps.. geez .I thought a 24 hr executive bathroom would be the 2nd offering @ supercharger locations.. Now it looks like a long 4th..

    Hey... how about an executive bathroom right in the vehicles..

    Wanna make sure everyone has an empty tank before engaging maximum plaid

  • Peter Sackmann - 2 years ago

    Awesome.Now the autonomous drive can really speed up before slamming into a barrier or people or trucks .. and we wonder why this company is failing. Waste of time and resources. Perfect what you have then move on but then again why should they be different the any other car company.

  • Kirby Krause - 2 years ago

    Come on people, It was a joke.

    Why it will not happen

    1-Not needed

  • Lionel van Zyl - 2 years ago

    I think we need more people like Elon Musk who can come up with innovative ideas but who can also put them into practice. Just as in propulsive landing rockets on the Tesla can shorten braking distance. The shutes that are used to stop drag racing cars can be replaced by rockets. I do agree with one commenter that rockets will mean fuel on an electric car but nothing is impossible.

  • Ronald Johnson - 2 years ago

    It sounds silly. Also, this adds something to the car we were wanting to get away from and that is fuel. But, aside from the scifi aspect of it you have to ask yourself whether this can/could be a tremendous safety feature.

  • DocM - 2 years ago

    I'm betting they're either decorative items, a light show, on the Roadster 2 OR, Roadster 2 components will be used to vuild a lunar rover with self-landing.

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