Are you looking forward to fighting about Insecure Season 3?

  • Mrs.CT - 2 years ago

    Insecure is such a good, complex, and grown show. I enjoy every episode. I love the short episodes and short seasons, it keeps the stories crisp. But can we talk about how Tasha got REAL LIFE PREGNANT by DRE??? Damn. I feel like they Issa could make a shoe about making the show.

  • Nita D - 2 years ago

    Heyyyy!! So when y'all was talking about that lady that had that snake in her car, I was literally cringing and gasping in my seat at how dumb she was being. Aint no way dawg!! I would probably would have freaked out and flipped my car. The animal control officer rolled up to the scene, saw the snake and told that lady "I'm good luv, enjoy" lmaoooo!! I miss Justin being on the main show. It was great to hear him again. Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to see y'all at the live show!!

    Love @recgoniZE_TAste

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