Who did you vote for Governor in California primary election?


  • Sheryl - 4 years ago

    We all voted and checked our status, know ours were counted. Who we were counted for we don't know.

  • José Andrés Ramírez - 4 years ago

    My wife and I voted for Travis Allen. Just hope this makes a bigger impact to recount votes even cost us ????...I rather pay the small price now than regret and pay bigger price

  • Cindy Collis - 4 years ago

    I Voted for Travis Allen along with 7 others. How the Heck, Did He Not Get More Offical Votes???

  • John Jefferson - 4 years ago

    What can we do to help, this is an outrage.

  • Tiffany - 4 years ago

    My husband dropped off mail-in ballots:
    2 in Galt, Sac County
    4 in Lodi, San Joaquin County

    They were all for Allen from my family and friends. I saw them before they were sealed.

  • Misty Riportella - 4 years ago

    Hi I had reg vote card and ballot reflect poll place and party afil. Was left off voting roll. Called reg office 4 times that day the last guy a clerk at co rec named Alex slipped while on the phone and said we selected by last, then caught himself and said it was random assured me prov ballots are counted ! When I asked him to name 1 x a pre election winner was recalled and someone one else actually won due to vbm and prov. He hung up! There were so many ppl at my polling station in Santa Clarita that were left off they were all Republican! Tons of ppl demanding their dead relatives be removed! A lady saying that her son was on there who moved to Utah 10 yrs ago and it showing he voted last yr! It’s absurd what these ppl are trying to do. A African American woman came in said she had been in earlier was told not on list, she stepped out and called someone and they told her to ask for Jesse so he could fix the roll! She said she was democrat like it meant something!my daughter was on there and x mo in law same last name but not me. They told me the list are printed months befor to printed the week before they told me the blue sheet is an ammedment for late Regis. Etc and that normally it’s 2-5 sheets this one had apx 30 ppl on it! I demanded they call manager nothing repeatedly told me that had to do provisional! I swear the provisional ballot holder did not look to me to be lined up right! I made friends with a lady polling there that day name Micha she actually called me on her break and told me after I left she got in trouble bc when I stated exactly how the prov votes work and the history she agreed with me! Crazy crazy ppl! Further info needs please contact at email or 6615920260 they need to be stopped!

  • Leann - 4 years ago

    My husband and 3 sons and my sister n law her husband plus many more family voted Travis Allen.

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