Is Season 4 of Fear the Walking Dead Better of Worse than Seasons 1-3?


  • Penelope - 5 years ago

    I was looking forward to season 4 with the addition of Morgan. Morgan, John and Al didn't disappoint, the back and forth storytelling was a put off. Season 3 was the best so far and to just leave it as a footnote after the cliffhanger ending seemed to be a disservice to cast & fans. There's a lot of unanswered questions that viewers expect when a new season returns. I'm not interested enough this season to watch when it airs, I DVR and catch up when I can but I do still watch for now unlike some friends I have that gave up. Great cast, hope Gimples involvement doesn't end up ruining what has steadily been becoming a good show

  • Ash - 5 years ago

    I really loved this show the first 3 seasons. I hate the direction they went this season. I've never felt so let down as a fan that loves this show. This is the first season i have had to watch alone because everyone else jumped ship after the first and second episode. I've been 100% in since episode 1. Now, i jus get a headache from all the jumping around. Amc had another gem on their hands and all they have seemed to do is drag it thru the mud and they took all the fans along with them. THANKS AMC!!!

  • Alex Sletten - 5 years ago

    I am so pissed at AMC and Scott Gimple... They ruined TWD and now Fear the walking dead has #Gimple all over it. Anyone who says fear the walking dead sucked the whole time never saw season 3, and in my personal opinion season1 and season 2 were amazing as well (not everyone agrees with this). Everyone I know agrees that season 3 was by far a better season than s7 or 8 of TWD, and the fact that I'm so mad is that we have a huge time jump and now these characters are as dry as molasses. Also why Morgan!! I hate Morgan more than almost all the characters on TWD and they brought him to fear? #GIMPLED!
    By the way, I heard the actor for nick left the show because he disagreed with the direction of s4, that's what it sounded like, not sure. Mail me at if you want to discuss this more.


  • Jonathan Coleman - 5 years ago

    As TWD fans, the wife and I felt obligated to watch fear, but were never overly enamored with fear. Now it has us following it. I know it was the actors choice but Nick was so frustrating and were glad he's gone.

  • Yvette - 5 years ago

    Like John Dorrie, sad that Nick decided to leave the show. Too much jumping around, hard to follow the plot.

  • Michele M Yen - 5 years ago

    This season is bouncing around so much you cant keep up

  • Denni Barrett - 5 years ago

    Madison and Nick made this story work for me. Mother trying to do everything she can to protect her children and Nick being the prodigal son. Instead of killing Nick off, they should have him strike out on his own with his girl (like Shane and his horse) and left it open for interpretation. Who knows? Maybe a future movie or series return with a huge contract payday would have been involved.

    There's no cautionary tale in this season to justify the destruction of the characters we've come to love. Perhaps the goal is to end this spin off and this is how the writers are doing it. :(

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