Is a person that lives independently with a disability worthy of hero worship?
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  • Kristen - 2 years ago

    Hi there,

    This is an interesting question. My first reaction is no. I don't like the idea that me just living is somehow noble. Having said that, there are days when just living is a huge battle. Most have no idea how much effort the most basic things can take. On those days a want a friggin medal to hang around my neck. I suspect somewhere in the middle is the real answer. There are things I am doing to keep positive and keep moving, that I know many wouldn't attempt. If my positive outlook can encourage someone else, I'm all for it. Sometimes knowing others are watching for and expecting my positive attitude, it will kick me in the butt and help pull me out of a funk. The main thing I don't want is for others to feel badly about struggling with their own issues when they look at me. Everyone has their own journey to face. If I can encourage someone in their walk, great, but I never want them to feel badly for their own struggles.

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