Daily Poll: How do you feel about Vancouver not being a host city for the 2026 World Cup?

Posted 5 months.


  • Bill Smith - 5 months ago

    Just like the Trans mountain pipeline debate where almost 80% of people (30,000 voters) voted in a poll that they were for the pipeline, the minority has the biggest voice.

  • CHUCKY - 5 months ago

    THANK YOU Premier Horgan as a born and raised British Columbian for “Standing Up” for a good majority of British Columbians without a “Blank Cheque” in hand!

  • lillian - 5 months ago

    Very pleased. FIFA should not be given a blank cheque to spend taxpayers' money.

  • Trish - 5 months ago

    Right decision, as a taxpayers I wouldn't want the extra expense. Aren't we still paying for the 2010 Olympics.

  • Bobby - 5 months ago

    Excellent decision by B.C. No reason to host for when Canada probably will not even get a team. Millions to fund three matches for a corrupt organization? Please this is not the BC Liberals in power.

    All those disappointed should realize that having the World Cup would do more damage than good!

    Enjoy the paying for these pointless games in which all of the decent games will be in the USA, rest of Canada!

  • Iain - 5 months ago

    I am disappointed that we could not work out a reasonable deal with FIFA. Unfortunately, they like the IOC, believe that they can demand (extort) massive amounts of money to have the honour of hosting an event that takes up but a blink of time. I am no fan of the NDP but they made the right call on this one.

  • Ben - 5 months ago

    Randy Turgeon, first of all John Horgan was elected. Secondly, yes I’m sure your fiberal buddies would have spent another 5-10 million on these FIFI maffiano games and added to the one BILLION $ debt with ICBC that they used as a piggy bank for 15 years .

  • Randy Turgeon - 5 months ago

    Another fine choice from a non-elected offical.only 3 more years

  • Ian - 5 months ago

    As a whitecaps supporter and season ticket holder, I am not disappointed. I think with the corruption at FIFA and CONCACAF, there is no way tax payers should be on the hook, especially for security. Maybe we would have gotten three games and a generation of headache. Much easier to travel to Edmonton, Montreal, Toronto or one of the many US cities.

  • Brian - 5 months ago

    Millions of $$ for maybe 3 games ? Good call !

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