Are Bronies Furries?

Posted 7 months.


  • AceAdventure - 7 months ago

    No. Human-like characteristics on cartoon and story characters have existed for thousands of years and is not exclusive to the furry fandom. Saying that bronies are furries is like calling everyone in a Disney or Pokemon furries because they like the characters with anthro(human-like) qualities. Saying bronies are a genre or subset of the furry fandom implies that the furry fandom is bigger. Based on number of members in large online sites, body counts in conventions, absolute number of fanworks(art music etc) in sites, the MLP fandom is significantly larger. Different sites, different conventions, different culture altogether. Furries do not have the right to claim this fandom.

  • Eclipse - 7 months ago

    Yes and no. Yes, they are furries because they like these animals within the show that shares human characteristics, otherwise known as anthropomorphic. However, they are not considered furries because they don't want to be known as furries. My answer is this quite simple. They can be considered as a type of furry genre. Bronies are within reach of the furry subculture in most forms, but they don't want to be identified as a furry. And it doesn't have to be, but many people probably would consider bronies are within the furry fandom because of their similar content.

  • Calb - 7 months ago

    Furries hate us, but complain when we don't call ourselves furries, so I don't classify myself as one at all.

  • Ragmo - 7 months ago

    Some in here argue that mlp ponies aren't antrhopomorphic, because they haven't human-like bodies; but that's not the definition of anthropormorhic.
    Anthropomorphic creatures are creatures with human TRAITS (like body, emotions, speach, etc.) - and im pretty sure that our ponies have atleast human like emotions and speach.
    So by pure definition - yes we are.
    Lot's of furry artist do sfw and sfw only stuff. Furries aren't about humping everything in sight or doing other nsfw things. Yes it's part of the furry community (like any other community with a large adult part (most top-rated images on derpibooru e.g. are explicit)).

  • Frith - 7 months ago

    I dink dose aren'd furries in de Nile. I dink dey be crocodiles. Scalies, wid lods of teed.

  • shibaroll - 7 months ago

    Bronies are furries in denial

  • Renegade Pegasus - 7 months ago

    Not necessarily, but there is definitely plenty of room for overlap. The closest comparison I can make is that bronies are rectangles, furries are rhombuses (rhombi? rhomboda?), and those who consider themselves to be in both categories would be represented with squares.

  • Vic Rattlehead - 7 months ago

    Anthropomorphic = animals with human bodies. That's the definition. And not all bronies are furries because there's lots out there who aren't into anthro and/or clop.

  • lily - 7 months ago

    no,no. not all ponies have fur!

  • lily - 7 months ago

    no,no. not all ponies have fur!

  • lily - 7 months ago

    no,no. not all ponies have fur!

  • Alex Atkin - 7 months ago

    If Anthropomorphism of animals is the definition of a Furry then yes we automatically are.

    Trouble is, the public perception of a Furry is something quite different so I would be less inclined to call myself one compared to a Brony.

  • McLifeSuckinberg - 7 months ago

    I don't believe in fairies, so no..

  • HalflingPony - 7 months ago

    As for the actual poll, the definition of "Furry" is so blurry these days that it's about as useful a label as "Mary Sue". I would be hesitant to identify myself as more than "fur-curious" to any of my Furry friends, but by a strict interpretation of the widest possible definition of "Furry", Bronies would certainly qualify automatically.

  • HalflingPony - 7 months ago

    There seems to be some fundamental misunderstanding of what the term "anthropomorphic" means in these comments. Anthropomorphism does not imply "bipedal". It just means that there is a blending of both animal and human features in the character to make it more relatable. If you don't think MLP ponies are anthropomorphic, then show me a photograph of a real life pony with similar facial expressions and articulation in it's front legs.

  • Maeve The Fox - 7 months ago

    I think there's a lot of crossover. Like I'm absolutely both. But it's very much a Venn diagram situation, where someone can be both a brony and a furry, but being one doesn't make them the other in any way. Even if they're a suiter.

  • Will - 7 months ago

    I mean, there is crossover between the two.

  • Yes - 7 months ago

    Strictly speaking, a furry likes anthropomorphic animals and a brony likes ponies. Since ponies aren't anthro, bronies aren't furries. Now, if some bronies also happen to like furry stuff, that's another story.

  • memebyerin - 7 months ago

    There's a bit of overlap, in terms of art work, and conventions,
    but they are definately two completely seperate things.

  • memebyerin - 7 months ago

    There's a bit of overlap, in terms of art work, and conventions,
    but they are definately two completely seperate things.

  • da brony - 7 months ago

    Bronies can be both but just because they are bronies, does not mean that they are furries.

  • Patrony - 7 months ago

    Why not both?

  • Borg - 7 months ago

    The sole criterion for whether somebody is a brony is whether they identify as a brony. The sole criterion for whether somebody is a furry is whether they identify as a furry. As neither criterion implies the other, neither category implies the other.

  • Libor - 7 months ago

    This can be easily interpreted two ways.
    Are some bronies furries as well? / Are all bronies automatically furries?

    The options in the poll imply clear yes/no, whereas I believe there's quite a big overlap of these two groups.

  • Duel Monster - 7 months ago

    The two aren’t mutually exclusive

  • Deremia - 7 months ago

    They're not, because ponies (outside of fanart) aren't bipedal and anthropomorphised. Simple as that.

  • Jason - 7 months ago

    hahahahaha wow, the proverbial River In Egypt is in flood stage!

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