Do you think Nicki Minaj is going to change her image now?

  • Mrs.CT - 2 years ago

    And one more thing for Kim: SHE IS WORKING. She’s in a field that requieres physical labor. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kim didn’t make the damn wig 45 minutes before Nicki placed it on her head. You know what I don’t want if I’m an artist paying thousands of dollars to a makeup artist ? The makeup artist looking like she here for the damn photo shoot, too!! YOU HERE TO WORK, so BE AT WORK. She can look however she wants to look cause she’s making money REGARDLESS. And I’m glad she’s looked like she was working in the photo, cause if she didn’t, they’d say she was just a name without any skill. She’s the face of a brand that she doesn’t work for. But she showed everyone no I’m STILL OUT HERE WORKIN’, AND DONT YOU HOES EVA FORGET.

    Aight y’all I’m done. Bye.

  • Mrs.CT - 2 years ago

    As far as the picture is concerned, I thought it was dope initially. I thought it might’ve been an up and coming hair stylist or just overall artist that got some shine, and I thought it was great that Nicki allowed her to be in the photo. But then when you and Karen were talking and you said the woman was famous, I looked at who if was and realized it was THE Kim Kimble. Kim is a legend. She’s got so many business ventures, worked with so many artists, and has seriously developed a brand of her own. Kim has clout, Kim has features, and Kim put people on HER TV SHOW to help THEM out. So no, Kim ain’t out here wanting for nothing.

    Now as far as Nicki’s comments go, I think she is looking back at her career a little, seeing the image that she’s portrayed over the years, and trying to clean it up. But it’s way too late, sis. And all the sex shaming in the world won’t clean up the skeletons you’ve collected over the years. I absolutely believe she’s sold sex appeal, and while I think she’s happy at what she achieved, I think she regrets some ways that she’s achieved it. I’m not out here to assume she’s slept with anybody in the industry, but the way she’s acting is way too defensive to be anything but personal regret being taken out on unaware fans. It’s a shame.

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