Are you excited about the possibility of seeing FIFA World Cup games in Toronto?

Posted 5 months.


  • Steve Lombardi - 5 months ago

    God I hate myself
    Tru Dat
    you do have a point and I agree with you.

  • Tru Dat - 5 months ago

    "How is paid for the cost?"
    "Another politically correct promotion."

    I feel like I've just entered the Twilight Zone, or perhaps just taken a stroll through an insane asylum. It's soccer, idiots! You know....the most popular sport on the planet? It will be a massive boon to the economy of any city that is lucky enough to host a game. Jesus Christ, who ARE these people?!

  • lenny - 5 months ago

    How is paid for the cost? Higher Taxes?

  • Barry - 5 months ago

    Who wants it? Another politically correct promotion. Waste of time and money.

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