Does the migration of people to Thanet benefit the isle? I agree with

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  • Nat weeks - 1 year ago

    Melissa is exactly why you would want to feel annoyed by a DFL with her incorrect and patronising views. I have also migrated here but 30 years ago. I saw it then as a booming holiday area but I also witnessed it as a down in the dumps, lacking anything kind of place. No culture just a ghost town. Hurray for the Turner. Not because I want to go to an art gallery every day of the week but because this whole place has had some life injected into it at last and there is a more positive vibe to the whole place. You should have seen it on it’s darkest days Melissa. There are still places affordable for the locals to eat out at. Maybe you are not that familiar with Thanet as you don’t know of all the cafes and drinking holes for the ‘working class’ locals. I saw Northdown Road with its settees dumped onto the streets. Not even the working classes want to live amongst that. At last the place is being cleaned up and if that means gentrification then I’m all for it and most of my friends, ‘working class friends’ do too. At last people are taking some pride in their properties. My only grumble is that the roads are more congested and that most drivers on the road nowadays are fairly ignorant, DFLs or society as a whole?

  • Deb Shotton - 2 years ago

    I think Melissa is mistaken in her assertion that this is a working class town. Look at the housing stock! Look at the buildings! Ramsgate has a very affluent past. It’s only in the last 50 years or so that Ramsgate has had a “working class” image. Most towns have a working class element, and in any event the Poundlands, KFCs etc are still there aren’t they? No need to feel deprived.

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