What do you think of CFL player Marcell Young's hit on a streaker? (Poll Closed)

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  • Stan Stainton - 4 years ago

    The man who was body slammed got exactly what he asked for & deserved-plus lots of attention & pain

  • Laverne Jutila - 4 years ago

    You go onto the players field you've evoked any rights to safety by your own stupidy
    Player could've easily had so much more force behind the hit obviously using common sense he knew not to unlike the so called fan who had no common sense

  • Jason Helton - 4 years ago

    After what happened to Monica Seles you can’t be too careful.

    Plus he was holding up the game.

    2 problems solved God for him

  • George Condon - 4 years ago

    1)Young; 2)drunk; 3) stupid. In baseball vernacular that's three strikes and you're out. In football it gets your chest caved in. I haven't laughed that hard since the same thing happened on Monday Night Football several seasons back. I've got zero problem with what Young did to this silly kid.

  • Ivan Torfason - 4 years ago

    That's the only thing the lions are not afraid of hitting. Is poor unsuited people.pretty lame. Hope it brought his manhood up.

  • Norm - 4 years ago

    If someone burst into my work space I would use as much force as necessary to retrain and throw him out - while waiting for the police. THIS was the football players workplace. Good for him and this might deter other goofs.

  • Tony Dutchak - 4 years ago

    I don't think Young took a real run at that Jerk! Good for you, nice to see a man stand up and take matters into his own hands! Waiting for security to get off its butt is not an option and i will add that in my youth people were not afraid to voice an opinion when observing something wrong! Congratulations!

  • Tony Dutchak - 4 years ago

    It is not as though Young took a run at him! His reaction was totally controlled! Good on him!

  • Garry Hoxey - 4 years ago

    The move by the player was totally bush league. Behaviour that is unbecoming of a professional athlete. The streaker was a jerk but let security and law enforcement do their job. That was an assault plain and simple.

  • Wayne McFarlane - 4 years ago

    As fan we do not pay for tickets to see jerks interfere with the game. This jerk was wasting the fans and players time. Mr. Young stay away from this kind of jerk, I do not want to see you get into trouble.

  • Bobbie - 4 years ago

    Player expended way to much effort to restrain the fan. Not his job. CFL should have a policy on player fan interaction! !!

  • Orville Lammle - 4 years ago

    Stay out of the way and let Security do what they get paid for. Agree fans do not belong on the field, but the players should not take matters into their own hands.

  • Bill Olson - 4 years ago

    Fans should stay off the field while a game is on.

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