How did you feel about XXXtentacion being killed?


  • HowAboutBeth - 6 years ago

    restore my faith in love, why don't ya?!
    hall of fame episode! hall of fame Black people!
    you all just keep getting better & better & better & thank you.

  • Kwamouflauj - 6 years ago

    I'm always sadden when one of our own are killed, regardless of what act they do. There's too few of us in the US and the mentality of "awh I'm glad he's gone" I just don't share because that's a slippery slope of misanthropy and anti-blackness. If it means people are saving their empathy and energy, I respect that but my life experience has taught me that life is short and I'm going to upkeep this positive energy and hope. My heart goes out to his victim(s). I wish us healing, and I wish our people find their way to growing and becoming better.

  • Jonathan C - 6 years ago

    I didn't know who XXX Temptation Island was when I saw the alert on my phone. At first I got him confused with 6ix9ine Stranger Danger and I was partying inside. I saw he wasn't the child molester and felt bad for a bit, thinking about a young brother dying too soon. That is until I saw he was an abuser and an all around sentient turd. Fuck him. So I was indifferent overall.

    Few people dying make me truly happy like Scalia or Strom Thurman, I was literally dancing.

  • CaliB - 6 years ago

    Sad that a 20 year old died in an apparently meaningless crime in the hands of a what I’m assuming is another young black person. Indifferent because I didn’t know him like that. Somewhat happy that an abuser that could have gone on to hurt more women is gone. Welp! Shrugs.

  • Stephanie (Mocha Minutes) - 6 years ago

    People are really showing their ass on this XXX Extension Cord thing. Some of the sympathy is very performative and I can't wait to see if they keep this same energy when George Zimmerman or Dylan Roof dies...

    Spoiler alert: they will not...

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