Republicans for Governor

  • Leo MacDonald - 3 years ago

    Bob Stefanowski appears to have the best track record for managing a large business. That is what we need to dig out of Malloy's hole.
    Mark Boughton was a member of Bloomberg's 'Mayors against Guns' until 4 years ago when he was running for governor, again. He is out of my consideration.

  • Susan G Serven - 3 years ago

    Love the fact that Bob Stefanowski has 1) global finance / business background 2) deep corporate turnaround experience 3) roots in CT. Would love to know where all these candidates stand on 1) supporting Trump's "policies" (hopefully none of them do) 2) women's health issues 3) immigration policies for CT

  • John R McCommas - 3 years ago

    I prefer Stefanowski or Stemerman but honestly any of these gentlemen will do. They are all winners. We can't go wrong this time around.

  • Roy - 3 years ago

    We need a change no more good buddies patting each on the back and no more destroying the Constitution of the State or for our country stand up and VOTE REPUBLICATION it's the only true choice. Ct. has sunk low enough time to get out of the swamp and time to see the prosperity come back to where it belongs. The left has lost all touch with all the people that that voted and have been lied to long enough. There is only one chance to win its REPUBLICATION.

  • Joe Della Monica - 3 years ago

    Bob Stefanowski is the best candidate by far. No criminal record, proven business leader and not a politician. Sounds like the guy I want fixing this state.

  • Joe B - 3 years ago

    Boughton is a Rhino, Bloomberg loving Anti Trump Gun Grabber

  • Barbara - 3 years ago

    No more Democrats, they have ran CT into the ground. Taxes are so high in CT thanks to Democrats. All they do is spend money on crap...

  • Scott G. - 3 years ago

    Anybody but a liberal Democrat, they have hurt CT so much in the last 8 years. Should another democrat become the new Governor we all might as well sell our homes, pack our bags, and cut our loses before our property values go even lower and taxes go even higher.

  • Lilian - 3 years ago

    I'm still checking out all of the candidates. We don't want deep state/new world order/communist/ex CIA to to win. the lefty's are trying to infiltrate these races w/ bad CIA. Do not vote for ANYONE w/ a past intelligence background. They want to screw us over. We've had enough & we must make the right choice. Many on the left & some on the right are pedophiles.

  • Steve Damian - 3 years ago

    Poll is stuffed by Stefanowski. And folks don't realize he was a democrat up until a month before he announced for governor.

  • Kathy LoCurto - 3 years ago

    Listen to his message. Steve Obsitnik is the best candidate for Governor.

  • Gil Ames - 3 years ago

    As of this time I am and others are going wit Tim Herbst .Would consider Bob Stefanowski but he does not give strong positions on pro gun and other topics. He has to be more outward with his views on matters that the people who voted President Trump are behind.Seems like Tim is more like President Trump and not afraid to come out with a strong stance on his views. Will have to wait to see more.

  • Stephen Omasta - 3 years ago

    Mark has done a GREAT job in Danbury (a Democrat majority city) and will do a GREAT job as governor of Ct

  • Thomas Vazquez - 3 years ago

    The excellent choice for governor of Connecticut!!!!!!

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