Manston airport site - planes or houses? I agree with

  • Michael Grantham - 4 years ago

    Skewed poll! Many polls have been conducted before showing the true state of affairs. I have also polled door to door in Nethercourt with similar results - 80% in favour. This nonsense is all causef by stupid people voting repeatedly. Complete waste of time though done with good intentions.

  • Candy Lovegrove - 4 years ago

    When I added my vote yesterday, the overwhelming vote was for Melissa. Today, it’s for Matthew. BUT you can vote as many times as you want so it only takes a few people voting over and over to change the vote. Not really a good way to show how the majority feels.

  • Andrew - 4 years ago

    Ramsgate Resident: There has NEVER been any poll of any sort that determines the feelings of the people of Thanet about aviation or not at Manston. TCC carried out a consultation some years ago at which a majority of people said they did not want night flights.
    As to the skewing of polls: the ones sponsored by SMAa and so on were littered with votes by such people as "R.Suppards", "R.Sole", "Nick D. Radar", "B.Iggles" and etc ad nauseam, thus rendering them worthless.

  • Ramsgate Resident - 4 years ago

    It is obvious that it's possible to vote many, many times, which has skewed the vote. I know for a fact that people have done that and there has NEVER been more support for houses in Thanet than for the airport. Previous polls have ALWAYS shown 75-80% in favour of reopening Manston Airport.

  • Seeing the truth - 4 years ago

    This poll is compromised. It is possible to provide an option - go out and come back in and “vote” again. Sadly whatever the “result” is it will be meaningless.

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