Would You Like Hallmark To Make a Wedding March 5?


  • Teri Bianco - 4 years ago

    Love Mick and Olivia! The location of where everything is filmed is so-so beautiful. Would love to win a trip there. Keep the movies coming. They are wonderful.

  • Mimi Grout - 4 years ago

    Love the Wedding March series of movies!!! Wish there were more of them or a weekly series or even monthly. One of the best shows on Hallmark!!

  • Audrey Gibson - 4 years ago

    I love the Wedding March movies and would love to see another one. You have to let us know what happens with Mick and Olivia. Will they plan there own wedding. Would love to see it become a weekly series with the same cast as the movies.

  • Linda Rail - 4 years ago

    I really wish it would be a new series!!!

  • Pauline Mahoney - 4 years ago

    Yes I would love to see wedding march 5 and would love to see more episodes. I enjoy the series and I love Jack being crouchy at times then calming down. I also love his advice to the guest helping them realize all will be fine

  • Mary Ann - 4 years ago

    Loved the movie....Hoping you continue to continue this series. I was not disappointed that Mick and Olivia did not get married because their relationship continues to evolve and grow which is so good to see

  • Belle Todd - 4 years ago

    Love these movies! I like jack Wagner best when he is being grouchy. Please keep making and keep them clean!

  • Margaret muncy - 4 years ago

    I was disappointed that they did not get married . The movie was great. Thank you for still making movies that I can enjoy with my granddaughter who is 17. Decent monies. Please do not let them start having sex before marriage. Keep them clean and decent. I love Hallmark movies. I would love for you all to bring some of the old good movies out and show them. Thank you. You are the best!

  • Rose Geer - 4 years ago

    Nick just gave Olivia a promise ring. You can't leave us hanging! It could be a double wedding, Olivia and her daughter. Why not a triple wedding if Nick's daughter still has a boyfriend. We already know June 9th is set for Olivia's daughter. Wouldn't it be fun if Nick's daughter comes to visit to announce that she wants to get married at the inn on June 9th. And June 9th in 2019 is on a Sunday. Perfect June Weddings movie. And Nick and Olivia can be the hosts for June Weddings promos.

  • Saralyn P Martin - 4 years ago

    Love Mick and Olivia 's storyline. Can't leave us without a happily ever after for them - and another movie or two!

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