Are you boycotting Duncan Donuts?


  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 6 years ago

    I say "No" because...GROSS!?!

  • Arian - 6 years ago

    I mean if I never went in the first place, it's still a boycott ,right?

  • Charles H Baker - 6 years ago

    Not for any political reason...I'm a Krispy Kreme guy on those rare occasions when I get donuts.

  • Mrs.CT - 6 years ago

    I favor Dunkin’ Donuts before Starbucks. Yes, the donuts are less than fresh, and the coffee is more sugar than coffee, but I like sugar and barely acceptable donuts. I was a Starbucks fanatic for a few years, but just like Shanna said, DD is EVERYWHERE, and I didn’t see my first Krispy Kreme until I came to the South. I took a hiatus, but I’ll definitely take Dunkin over everyone.

    I’m very sad that this incident happened with protesting foreign languages. I feel like it’s more likely that this was an isolated incident for this specific location, since it’s franchised out so much. Even though they are a large company, I think people can just buy a location and bring in income.

    If norhing Else, I hope DD comes out and admonishes the location for their intolerant behavior. If not, I’ll have to find some new sub-par donuts.

    Side note, y’all heard of Wawa??!! They have THE BEST DONUTS!! Ok y’all bye

  • Mizzanderson - 6 years ago

    We have so many Dunkin’ Donuts here and they are always packed in the morning. They tried to bring a Krispy Creme and it was closed in two months...however I do live on Long Island, I hate slavery!

  • KateB - 6 years ago

    *Dunkin (oops)

  • KateB - 6 years ago

    The nearest Krispy Kreme is in DC while I’m out in Maryland. I’ve tried a couple times to go to Dublin but the donuts. Are. Always. Stale. How is that possible when “donut” is in their goddamn name? I’m boycotting for sure.

  • GWG - 6 years ago

    I'm definitely boycotting in the way that I drive past a DD every morning on the way to work and have never once stopped.

    Shanna was an amazing guest. And she came through with this ty & tand. playlist on spotify!!

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