Do you think it's okay for Rod and Karen to call themselves comedians?


  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 6 years ago

    As I like to say, call me whatever you want except late for dinner. Lol. You're comedians in my book.

  • Mrs.CT - 6 years ago

    This comment is for you two, Rod and Karen

    You can call yourselves whatever you want to call yourselves, but it's your actions that speak for you. And your work has shown that you are able to be comedic without the use of props, costumes or facial expressions. You make people laugh, consistently and wholeheartedly. You literally get paid for your comedy, with money from the Premium subscribers like myself, as well as the sponsors that invest in your ability to bring light, laughter, information and joy to everyone who listens. And, on top of all of that, you have shown to be marketable for your comedy and content by selling over half of your first live show tickets. Rod and Karen, if you both aren't comedians, i'm not really sure who is. Thanks, management.

  • Mrs.CT - 6 years ago

    This is to the people who voted no.

    Rod and Karen make us laugh on a damn-near DAILY basis. They aren't writing scripts, they aren't rehearsing time and time again what they are about to say on the mic. They are discussing daily activity, putting their spin on serious topics but have somehow made the the tragic, comical. Somehow, the ones that stand on a stage with the mic in their hand are the only ones that are able to call themselves comedians? Why? Cause that's what the status quo has been? Man, fuck the status quo, create a new standard! Put two chairs on a stage, and Rod and Karen become some of the funniest and most talented impromptu comedians we have behind a mic. Making 5 FREE shows a week, never mind the several paid-for shows, and yet, every show is different. Every show has a signature. Every commentary is both thoughtful and also induces a chuckle with a slow Denzel tear.

    So what we talkin about here? Stand-up comedians are better cause they sell out shows? BITCH, ROD AND KAREN SELLING OUT RIIIIIGHT NOW. They better cause they got more money? BUT HOW IS THEIR BRAND DOING?? Do THEY have people hunting them down for a 5-min skit??? Do THEY have people calling into the show just to get some TBGWT fame?? THAT WHAT I THOUGHT

    Your. Fave. Could. NEVER.

    Get on my damn nerves....

  • Mellynee - 6 years ago

    Your favs could never... Rod and Karen are funny. I have laughed so hard I peed a little and it’s not old age you haters! Yes they are comedians and for the live show I just may wear Poise. Okay!

  • Doris Payne - 6 years ago

    I know exactly who those three no's came from too:
    1) That animal control guy (guess he got over his compassion fatigue and is back on the internet)
    2) That "lawyer" who definitely "was not" the animal control guy
    3) That estate lawyer who wanted to give you money after your Uncle Prime died.

  • Trappin' Is A Hobby - 6 years ago

    Who the hell voted no?

  • Courtney - 6 years ago

    Side-eyeing the nos...

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