The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer Is...


  • Kevin D - 5 years ago

    The front is HORRIBLE! A giant black void. What a piece of crap. In typical fashion (just like Toyota), they call it "bold." Being "bold" doesn't make something attractive. It is "bold" and ugly.

  • Shane DeVon - 5 years ago

    I have a 1991 Chevy silverado K5 Blazer, it was the last year of the true full size Blazer. I can't explain how much of a disappointment this is. It looks like every other suv on the market and it has taken the name of the greatest SUV ever made.

    They should not have put the Blazer model name tag on this, it would do fine as a trail blazer but not THE Blazer

  • dougp - 6 years ago

    looks like another boring suv bring back a two door k-5 look and see what happens when ford brought back the retro mustang they nailed it and if they bring back the retro looking bronco u will never compete .

  • Frank Calegory - 6 years ago

    What a beautiful vehicle inside and out.

  • Richard Joash Tan - 6 years ago

    To those who hate the 2019 Blazer:

    You are all BULLSHIT.

  • Afi Keita James - 6 years ago

    I Really did not like this one at all, it's a joke.
    what a disgrace to the blazer name, same on chevy and gm for this.

  • Tressa R - 6 years ago

    I was REALLY hoping for a true mid-size SUV from Chevy. The giant SUVs are overkill (for me) even though I do currently drive a Tahoe since they discontinued the Trailblazer. I hate the crossovers --it's just another car (some even look more like mini-vans), not a truck that offers higher profile and ground clearance. Disappointed.

  • Larry Snook - 6 years ago

    Why is it a 2019 when not being released until next year, the competition is already hitting the ground, PS I am a loyal Chevrolet owner for many many years, Why not jump ahead instead of playing catch-up

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