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  • LS - 10 months ago

    I would love to see a 4-hybrid model prototype tried. Where the RV has a sturdy yet lightweight solar roof, with also solar sides can voluntarily be swung-up when stationary and camped. The roof would have a pop-up feature, collapsible by a few feet while in travel mode to be more aerodynamic. In popup mode, with the side-solars extended, double side windows would come into view. The unit would be well-insulated for winter use. The other motor units would include electric, diesel, and plug-in features for total access to whatever resources for energy are available.
    While the pop-up is down, access to bed, potty, refrigerator and cook area are still available when parked in a temporary or urban spot. This is the concept that I would like to see.

  • Peter LOCKE - 1 year ago

    I would like to see other manufacturers building a body on a Tesla chassis. The all wheel drive would be a real plus.

  • Stacia - 1 year ago

    Love it? This is what I'm waiting for!! Where have you been all my life???

  • ROBERT F. GARDNER JR - 1 year ago


  • Vishnu joshi - 1 year ago

    Very nice and I need a job so help me

  • JGingco - 1 year ago

    EV is thus far the best humanity is having. New excitements and creativities. Let's go!

  • Mark wolfson - 1 year ago

    First, charging en route is expensive, not free like most think. Next your freedom of long distance travel limited to 300 miles per day. And you want me to spend $100k to pay box at a charging station? Not in tree his or next generation. Buy a nice diesel pusher and travel far, far away for half price.

  • JW Bennett - 1 year ago

    What intrigues me about the electric motorhome concept is the conceivable size of the battery pack. Imagine if you will, a battery 4 feet wide, 30 feet long and 2 feet high. No other vehicle, not a SUV or Semi, could boast such capacity. It could give luxury Motorhomes the range and internal design capability that no other vehicle could match. Combined with roof mounted solar systems 6ft wide and 30ft long - we could be looking at ranges in excess of 600 miles and self recharging capabilities when camping in remote locations. Sign me up.

  • Jonhari - 1 year ago

    RV’s need storage so the upper windows don’t make sense and there is the question of slide outs for living space after you get there. Check out Vixen for failed RV’s.

  • Reva Madison - 1 year ago

    Looks fairly nice. Probably way too expensive for those who want to go out on the road for more than just a vacation. Cheaper to run, but that initial price, yok.

  • Lisa - 1 year ago

    I’d like to see Mr. Musk, his designers and engineers, dial down the Space Trek, futuristic, ecotopic, bourgeois theme a bit. Granted, an aerodynamic form is required to reduce wind resistance and therefore demand less of the batteries. But I have also seen several articles on battery size breakthroughs boasting more power and longer charges in a smaller, denser package. Not lighter, but smaller and more and more efficient.

    So, if batteries are smaller, but the car, or in this case the RV, is still fairly heavy, wind resistance should be a bit less of a concern.

    Perhaps cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs will all look like todays’s Tesla in another decade or so. But I’m afraid Mr. Musk is going to have difficulty competing in the “traditional” car market simply because not everyone who wants the best EV available, wants to stand-out like a sore thumb. It’s one thing to be eye-catching and another to blind.

    My advice - were I to be asked - would be to maintain the integrity and sturdy elegance, but stop paying forward the decade and maybe save some dime in so doing.

  • Michel de Breyne - 1 year ago

    We own a large gas guzzling motorhome and add much as I like the idea of an EV MH, I just don't think it's practical. On the way to our destination, we'll typically drive 500-800 miles per day for two or three days in our RV . And during those 2 or 3 days of driving we likely wouldn't have access to a charger unless they were along our route. Another problem is that batteries take a fair amount of space but MHS use any available space for storage so you'll lose that. Finally many mhs use propane and/or diesel for cooking, heating, generator, refrigerator, etc and without a fuel source, you lost that.

  • MarkP1950 - 1 year ago

    Simple I can move in!

  • Wayne - 1 year ago

    I have been waiting for an electric motor home with solar panels. hurry up !

  • Ernest Schraner - 1 year ago

    I agree, plus think of weight savings,onboard genetator for battery back-up,extreme low maintenance,solar ready,all wheel drive,and one with natue. I've seen a Tesla SUV pulling a light weight Airsteam,ingenius.

  • Michael Heumann - 1 year ago

    It just needs to use our deployable sun tracking solar array to fill the battery while you are out enjoying nature for a few days. Hoping Tesla picks it up from us.

  • Poobear Cretu - 1 year ago

    Honestly the market for older white, wealthy Americans this is perfect. Even for an RV, this would be amazing for anyone. Probably slightly out of reach for some people but you could probably always rent it and have an epic cross-country road trip.

    Elon, please make this after the semi :D

  • JDS - 1 year ago

    I think the Truck will make a perfect platform for this vehicle along with an adaptor for the BFR so that I can take it directly to all 7 continents in 45 mins flat.

  • Raymond Herweck - 1 year ago

    I love it but I'm sure I could never afford it.

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