What do you think of the Lord John books and stories? (Poll Closed)
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    • Cindy Lou - 2 years ago

      I'm a BIG Diana G fan and own all books in all types of media. I aDORE Lord John Grey!!! He's just my very favorite character in all her stories!!! I sincerely hope she publishes more of him!! If you have not read any, you better get busy. His family are integral parts of future Outlander novels! (-;

    • natalr - 2 years ago

      I know this is blasphemy but I wish the character was permanently separated from the Outlander series and was written on his own. When John is with Claire and Jamie inevitably it becomes all about Claire and Jamie and John is a tolerated third wheel. Which is a shame because John's family, sexuality, career, history as a soldier and detective and connections to the Court give him a l ton of story line potential. Because of the show Claire and Jamie are starting to have a been there done that feel about them that doesn't surround John. Hopefully, when Outlander ends John's sage will truly begin.

    • Tara T. - 2 years ago

      I'm obsessed with this series. I started reading a lot to be a good role model for my kids. I read several of series and my friend told me about Outlander. I wasn't sure about it at first, but was hooked once I started. I have read all of the John Grey books, after I read all the Outlander books, and I really enjoyed them. They show us all the many sides of Lord John. It gives you a more indepth look into his character. The books shows us that he too has had to over come a multitude of difficulties and struggles in his life time. They show that he is caring, loving, passionate, strong, dependable, a warrior, an officer, and gentleman. I for one would not want to be on the wrong side of Lord John.

    • Patricia Curtis - 2 years ago

      I LOVE Lord John Gray!!! Way better than Jamie and Claire! He's the BOMB of the English Army! I want more Lord John! More Lord John! More Lord John!!! I would join The Beef Steak Gentlemen's Club if it were possible!

    • BERYL A. LYFORD - 2 years ago

      I love them even more now that David Berry is in the role. Hope DG writes more!

    • Camille Baskerville - 2 years ago

      I love these books as a further enlightening of Lord John characteristics. I would have picked several choices, but not allowed in this poll! Love all of Diana’s books and musings!

    • Lorraine Black - 2 years ago

      With the announcement of the first Lord John novel, I couldn't wait to read it and have been the same with every new book. I love them! They are an integral part of the overall series. They add a lot of depth to his character. LJ's stories are full of love, honour, mystery, wackiness, pathos, respect, duty and family. Did I miss one?

    • Dorothy - 2 years ago

      I love them. Have read them all. They add depth... If that is possible .. To the series.

    • Connie Dudden - 2 years ago

      I started reading them when I discovered there were details I was missing in one of the main books, can't remember which, so I read all the Lord John books. Now I am hooked. It gave me a better understanding of him.

    • LYNN - 2 years ago

      I love Lord John. His books are an integral part of the series and fill out his character wonderfully.

    • Dominike Gillespie - 2 years ago

      I love the idea of getting different views on what happened when Claire just appeared in her underwear. Yes, I am both excited and glad to see other people seee this.
      It’s like getting the story from different people.

    • Julia Routledge - 2 years ago

      It was a hard choice between 'I love them' and 'They are an integral part of the stories'! I went with the latter only because I think that they are even if you are not a fan of Lord John (how could anyone not be!) and fill out a lot of scenes we don't get to see in the main books and also answer a lot of questions. It's been said before by many, I'd read a shopping list if Diana wrote it, it's sure to be entertaining.

    • Susan - 2 years ago

      I love them AND they’re an integral part of the overall series. It would only let me pick one choice. :)

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