Podigious 505 Ridiculous Dialogue Draft

  • [Ep 26] Agumon: “The most important thing for me has always been protecting Marcus. I won’t let him down!” // Lalamon: “That’s the best thing I’ve ever heard you say, Agumon!” // Gaomon: “Much better than the usual drivel that comes out of your mouth.” (Jeff)
    3 votes

  • [Ep 27] Sampson: “All you need to know is what I look like walking away.” (Asher)
    2 votes

  • [Ep 27] Sampson: “Miki, Megumi, I’m going in” // Miki+Megumi: “Sir!” (Andrew)
    0 votes

  • [Ep 29] Marcus: “As long as I get to punch that leather-wearing lion when this is over, I don’t care.” (Ashley)
    2 votes


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