Do you want Tesla to offer V2G tech in its cars?
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  • Neal Stachowicz - 1 year ago

    A big selling point for electric vehicles would be the ability to send power to the home in the event of a power outage. Especially in California during fire season when PG&E is turning off the power for days. This would also reduce the need for polluting gas powered generaters.

  • Martin Isherwood - 3 years ago

    For me v2g is the future and has no down sides and people could still have a home battery if they have the cash. For me it would make a Tesla almost affordable due to possible saving my family could make. In the the uk we can get much cheaper tariffs for off peak so I would charge my car late at night but could use the v2g for the peak times without having to splash much needed cash on a home battery which would take me a few decades to pay back the costs.

  • Tim E - 3 years ago

    V2G doesn’t make much sense. You use top grade expensive batteries in the cars, you can use a much lower quality cell in home energy storage that has a max of .5 C or so.

    If you combine home energy storage like PowerWall 2’s with Solar - you can then operate vehicle and home independently of the grid the majority of the time. Unplug the car during the day and head out? Energy goes to the home battery. Come back home and plug in? Your car can draw from solar + battery and quickly charge back up without touching the grid.

    V2G only provides some short term benefits to the grid - if enough people were to do it, it wouldn’t longer have the financial benefits that those with TOU have today.

  • Kees -CJ- van der Graaf - 3 years ago

    I would be very happy having this possibility.
    My factory is completely dependent on current. Only a short fall of currency can damage a lot of production.
    It even would be a reason for buying more Tesla's by other employees!
    So Please, make it possible Mr Elon Musk!
    We are working in the pharmacy-factory for thousands lot of elderly people who are dependent on our continuity of production of pouches with medicines’.

  • Nathan - 3 years ago

    While it may cut into powerwall sales, V2G would allow me to power my home from my car during peak hours, then charge off peak. This rdeuces the cost of ownership of the car considerably.

  • Richard andrews - 3 years ago

    V2g, and vehicle to home/office in blackout situation with a special circuit to connect only essentials eg phone system, servers pcs, lighting, to provide backup power upto x amps and x % of soc would have amazing potential, my car could keep our office and despatch dept operational in a blackout, or my home, I would happily pay £1000 for the charger + the internal wiring cost to make this work

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