Top St. Thomas More football players of all time (Poll Closed)

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  • George R. Murray - 2 years ago

    Great Player Greater Person

  • Jon Snow - 2 years ago

    All great football players. Cou Dat Nation for life. Sam Scofield played football on the best STM team of all time. Also heard he claps when the plane lands

  • Martin Cannon - 2 years ago

    Doug Johnnie was a beast on the practice field and the game field. And he was a riot in the locker room. Truly a team guy and a great friend and teammate. I loved playing with him.

    So many great ones on this list (and a lot of great ones didn't make this list either).


  • Jessica Johnnie - 2 years ago

    Doug Johnnie the best STM FOOTBALL PLAYER. Love my paran

  • Dallas Fleming - 2 years ago

    All are great, what separates 3 from the pack is character,and leadership. Tough choices, of the ones I have watched the three that stand out the most are Fleming, Martin, Autin

  • John - 2 years ago

    Sam Scofield made playing safety look easy. Very proud of him.

  • Chad Thompson - 2 years ago

    Doug Johnnie hands down

  • Rania Boudreaux - 2 years ago

    Johnnie led a stingy STM defensive unit with 28 solo tackles,75 assists,5 quarter back sacks, an interception returned for touchdown, 6 stops behind the line,3 fumble recoveries, 3 caused fumbles, 4 pass break ups, 4 hurries and a block punt... Doug Johnnie was the best defensive player ST Thomas Moore has ever had by far!!!!!

  • Beau Wofford - 2 years ago

    Eraser Autin. No debate! Man amongst men. Freak. Dominated all who stood in his way! And he was a great Christian and a friend to all.

  • Cory Register - 2 years ago

    I remember filming junior high football games for Uncle David of Eraste & Robert & was extremely impressed by both of their performance at that age. I remember visiting Eraste when he was in High School and thought he looked like the Incedible Hulk. He was Huge & completely solid muscle. As massively strong as Eraste was he had an even bigger heart. He is one of the Greatest of man I've ever known. I still wear a brown scapular because of him & count myself fortunate to have known him.

  • Chad Register - 2 years ago

    Well said cousin Robert! He was truly a great football player but an even better man.

  • John Bienvenu - 2 years ago

    I grew up wanting to be Eraste! I also had the pleasure of playing football with Grant and Lance from 7th grade through High School...all great football players.

  • Barbara Dauterive - 2 years ago

    Love you guys ????❣️

  • Elliot Hebert - 2 years ago

    luke lawton

  • Ellen C - 2 years ago

    A young man who carried with him many badges honoring his skills at football & life!
    He most importantly wore his scapular, his badge honoring God, who blessed him daily!

  • Marsha Hebert - 2 years ago

    Definitely one of the greatest!

  • Pat Escalona - 2 years ago

    Eraste was a very special person in every way possible! Well stated Robert!!

  • Robertautin - 2 years ago

    Eraste did not break any yardage records, except maybe for yards per carry, 7.8. There were many exceptional athletes from STM who carried records and did play for prestigious colleges and in rare cases, the NFL, but Eraste was awarded a scholarship to the University of Florida in 2001. UF was the preseason number one ranked football team in the nation, and was recruited personally by the legend, Steve Spurrier. He is the only STM player in history to receive a scholarship from the Number one team in the nation. Why, we must ask, was he strongly recruited by this prestigious program, and why was he a coaches team All State player? The answer is permanently imprinted into the skulls of the defenders that he crushed. Historical film archives clearly show that he wore down defenses from repetitive trauma. Before trying to tackle him, defenders were forced to weigh the options of attempting a square tackle and risking a season ending injury or meekly joining in on a gang effort to stop a fully loaded freight train. Contact with Eraste was dangerous and painful and football players instinctively understood this. Eraste would leave a trail of fallen bowling pins on his way to the end zone and help each of them up on the way back to the huddle. He was true sportsman who was as gracious in victory as he was in defeat. He he never uttered a word of trash talk, his helmet and shoulder pads always made his point. Years go by, glory fades, but those who played with him and against him will always consider him unparalleled in terms of what he offered the game of football and sportsmanship in general. Other than bone crushing contact, he was agile enough to hurdle over defenders, versatile enough to spin off offensive linesmen and wreak havoc in a backfield, and his persona and gravitas could give his team the morale boost needed to forge together and unify efforts to secure a win. Football is, above all things, a physical and tough sport, I think anyone would agree that Eraste was the epitome of toughness and physicality. For these reasons, I believe he should be remembered among the very top of all Acadiana area football players.

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