• Jimmy Poirier - 3 years ago

    Brian Champagne should be highly considered on Cecilia’s all time greats. He was the engine that made the great Cecilia teams of the mid 80’s run. Great competitor, superior athlete and two time district MVP of an extremely competitive district that included Breaux Bridge, Northside, St. Martinville and Morgan City.

  • DB - 3 years ago

    Pound for pound the best HS player I ever saw was Jamaican Dartez...offense, defense, and don't forget his kick and punt returns too. He I'd the all time greatest Bulldog!

  • Kyle Guidry - 3 years ago

    Jamaican (peanut) was a two way beast , could have played safety for power 5 schools but wanted to stay at running back. One guy left off the list who probably had the most successful career from Cecilia was Anthony Clement. Play many years out here in Arizona for the cardinals and then the 49ers.

  • Leland Phillips - 3 years ago

    Kendall Journet should've been on this list hands down

  • CDawg - 3 years ago

    Ramsay Dardar first Cecilia player drafted. Fastest defensive lineman in NFL at the time; Played with Craig Dartez, he was awesome. Jamaican Dartez topped them all.

  • Roderick Martinez - 3 years ago

    Corey Jackson

  • Geraldine Calais - 3 years ago

    Marcus Wiltz is a team player he just improves with fellow players

  • Michael wiltz - 3 years ago

    Marcus was the greats player that played both ways and was good at it go marcus.

  • Gavin Solomon - 3 years ago

    Marcus wiltz

  • Gavin Solomon - 3 years ago

    He would get lots of yards then he would make touchdowns. He was very Agile when he would get the ball

  • Amanda LeBlanc - 3 years ago

    No disrespect to anyone on this list, but I say Jamaican Dartez. Every player on this is more than deserving to be nominated!! Although I believe that one more should have been on this one!! Broderick Patt was beast as well!!! Hats off to everyone that made this list and had love for the game ????????????

  • Josh - 3 years ago

    No Shawn Alexander on there :(

  • Don Guidry - 3 years ago

    I would say Ramsey on this list but my list of nominees would look different. We have been blessed with great atheletes who were not on the best of teams yet made the most of the talent God gave them. Guys like Randall Collette and Wayne Bernard come to mind.

  • J C Guilbeau - 3 years ago

    I was privileged to see all of these players and indeed they were the cream of the crop. There were even others not included on this list as well. I don't know that you can single one out as the best, but the one that sticks out the most to me was Jamaican Dartez. What made him so special was he was outstanding on both sides of the ball, offense and defense. Up until his freshman year Cecilia was dominated by St. Martinvillle. But the Bulldogs manage to beat St. Martinville all four years that Jamaican played and no other team can make that claim. He could have piled up more yards as well, but he was often held back because Cecilia had such a big lead and he had to play defense as well. He was such a coachable and fine young man as well. I will close by saying he was worth the price of a ticket. Congratulations to all of these outstanding players. It was such a delight to see them wearing the Green and Gold.

  • Mary Joseph - 3 years ago

    There is only one old school player on the list. Ramsey Dardanelles, beats them all hands down. He played for LSU and went to the pros!! Also, my brother Whitney Joseph played for only two years and won a scholarship to Southern.

  • Brooks Babineaux - 3 years ago

    Two options, one of them isn’t mentioned. Shawn Alexander or Marcus Wiltz. Exceptional athletes on both sides of the ball, and the IQ for the game was next level. Also gotta mention Ernie Pickens.

  • Logan - 3 years ago

    Dartez had graduated when Cecilia beat Evangel, he was a beast tho.. Ramsey Dardar was way before my time, but his football credentials are very impressive

  • Bailey Brown - 3 years ago

    I’ll say Marcus Wiltz, class of 09 because I witnessed his talent, everyone else was before or after my alumni years! Anthony clement is my cousin but I’ve only seen him play professionally so that’s no comparison. Marcus did great things!

  • joshua charles - 3 years ago

    listen.. this post says greatest football “player”. not who was better on offense or kick returner. “player” meaning all aspects of the game. from this list, jamaican is the best “player”. i give jamaican the edge over raymond because of his versatility. he had to learn offensive plays as well as defense and he excelled at both. raymond was a dog and he is my lil cousin so no one can say my opinion is biased lol. ????????

  • Chris Dartez - 3 years ago

    Craig Dartez!

  • Harold Boudreaux - 3 years ago

    All were good players..but Craig Dartez best ever hands down ....L.S.U signee

  • Susan Chargois - 3 years ago

    Craig Dartez was the best of all time until present ????????????????

  • Israel Singleton - 3 years ago

    The entire 1995 State Championship team 15-0

  • Ocillia - 3 years ago

    I admire all these guys, but I have to stick with my husband, Jack Williams!!

  • Crystal Beavers - 3 years ago

    Hands down J.Dartez was the best

  • Kerby Patt - 3 years ago

    Never seen the old school play, but I'll say big eb. Antony Clement cause he the on!y one made it to the pros. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  • Leola wiltz - 3 years ago

    Marcus love and care deeply forward to game and people people‘s.

  • Tameshia Noel - 3 years ago

    Raymond is the Best EVER

  • James - 3 years ago

    Jamaican Dartez... Not only he had the high school records for years... Which they were broke by Raymond Calais but I mean records are meant to be broken.. He was a two-way player on the offensive side & defensive side... Name a player to come out of Cecilia who held a offense record while playing defense the entire game.. NOBODY that’s why I say Jamaican Dartez

  • Christina Calais - 3 years ago

    Raymond Calais is the greatest of them all he Has the most career rushing yards in school history 6,167 and 73 Touchdowns he’s just one special athlete !!!!!!

  • Joey - 3 years ago

    Jamaican Dartez was probably one of the best high school players I’ve ever seen in person. Cecilia 1996 was the only team to beat evangel head to head while they were recruiting. No other Louisiana small town school can say that.

  • Donnye - 3 years ago

    Awesome player and personality

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