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On GH: Who Is The Patient In The Room Next To Carly ?

Posted 5 months.


  • Donna - 4 months ago

    Ryan was killed by Kevin at the fun house..So I don't believe it is the switching twins..They have just cast Owen Saxon who can pass as a Corinthos, or even a Cassidine. Owen's character hasn't been revealed yet.. But I believe that he will either be Morgan, or Cassidine (Nicholas or Stefan)

  • Satan - 4 months ago

    The reason for the delay in revealing whomever is being held prisoner in that room, is that the hack writers haven't figured out yet how they would use that person to prop Frodd and/or Whiny Heiny.

    In all likelihood it's Kevin being held prisoner with his brother Ryan impersonating him?

    Why do I say this is likely? Because Ryan was supposed to be in Hell..... and he's missing.

    But of course Ryan Chamberlain hasn't been on your side of the Earth's crust since the early 90s. He wouldn't have a clue who Frodd or Heiny were... though he would probably be amused to find out Scotty Baldwin had a supposed "son" who turned out to be a psycho serial killer (and then miraculously "cured" via brain tumor removal)

  • Caleb - 4 months ago

    Sadly, if it were Morgan or Nicholas, we'd have heard about the casting news by now..... I think. Unless either was re-cast, then we probably wouldn't hear .... Dunno. I think they're going for a Ryan redux and I think the simplest answer is that it's Kevin who has been replaced by Ryan some time ago. If this happens, maybe they'll just use the old Luke Spencer/Bill Eckert scripts they tossed out when fans guessed what was happening. :)

  • Vicki - 4 months ago

    I want it to be nicholas or Morgan. But I am sure it is kevin

  • Dorothy - 4 months ago

    I think it’s Nicholas

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