You're stranded on a remote road after losing control of your truck in a powerful storm. What gear would you rather have?

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  • Ray Hayton - 6 years ago

    Okay, I will bite. Since this isn't an end of the world situation... (You are in a ditch on a back road with an injured, possibly broken ankle, and looking for rescue), and you need to get out of the vehicle, and you won't be travelling far. I opted for the lower end quantity over top of the line gear. While I personally opt for higher end gear most of the time, for backcountry backpacking, BOB, and INCH bags, this isn't THAT situation. You are on a rural road, and looking at maybe an overnight stay, or two, until someone else comes along. The large Blue tarp, and yellow rain slicker will provide you with high visibility, especially when you are staying near the road, turning your truck's hazard lights on to flash, plus the fact that it is in the ditch, combined with those two other things will let people see you. The large variety of tools, and fire starters will guarantee you a fire(or two) to increase that visibility, and the canister stove will let you cook something while setting up camp. If it is raining as hard as it was in the scenario, the tarp can capture water to refill the plastic bottles, so you will stay hydrated. The cookpot can also catch water, and let your beans soak while you are preparing camp. The first aid kit as mentioned, can help immobilize the ankle, and the otc pain pills that most have, can help dull the inflammation that can come with a severe sprain. Having a .22 along gives you reach as well, to get a rabbit, pheasant, varmint, if necessary. That combined with a whistle, can also allow you to sonically signal for help. Dry clothes can help your state of mind. For one or two nights, that sounds like the way to go, you aren't going anywhere, so weight isn't an issue, you aren't packing it around, not on an injured ankle. You are injured, and staying put, looking for rescue, so in this case, it's quantity over quality. Just my two cents.

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