Have you been "seen" as a patient via a virtual visit (online, video, telephone) in the past 12 months? (Poll Closed)

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Posted 1 year.


  • Jim - 1 year ago

    I have used the MD LIVE service, which is available through Medi-Share (Christian-based healthcare cost sharing) a number of times in the past year - it is zero cost for members and their families. It is particularly good for the routine simple stuff but is especially helpful for rural-based patients and I have personally found it to be so for minor skin related conditions where you can send a pic and then talk to the physician live about it.

    With this service, you can pick "next available" or you can select from physicians that are "on duty" which gives you time to research them and pick the one you think will do the best for your condition and they then are scheduled at a mutually agreeable time. I picked a former ER doc that is now a primary care physician from a nationally well known Chicago-area health system (not where I live) where he listed skin conditions as one of his areas of expertise. The interaction was very good and the prescription was send in right away with no issues. An electronic care summary was provided to me within their portal and to my regular PCP.

    I used to use Walgreens TakeCare and CVS MinuteClinic Nurse Practitioner-based urgent care services but the cost of those are now approaching the cost of a discounted regular primary care office visit and even with their new-ish appointment time process, MD LIVE is still way more convenient and is only staffed with physicians.

    For many of us on a high deductible it is all about the cost and not the co-pay. Since Medi-Share is not insurance but a co-op sharing health care expenses, this is an efficient use of both personal and collective resources.

  • Allen - 1 year ago

    Office visits are fully covered but virtual visits are not. If my insurance covered them like office visits, they would be a great way to go. Saving the time of travelling to the clinic and waiting would be a great benefit.

  • Carla Swindle - 1 year ago

    Sunday afternoon telemedicine visit for an infection. Was so quick and easy and the web site allowed posting a picture when I scheduled the appointment. When the physician contacted me in just a few minutes, he had already reviewed my notes and seen the picture.

  • Judy Volker - 1 year ago

    Dr.on Demand-employer benefit of $5 per visit. Has precluded at least 3 urgent care or ED visits.

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