Are you optimistic about the Canadiens for next season?

  • simon - 4 years ago

    The poll fails to mention the only question that truly matters; Do you allow Bergevin to rebuild what he dismantled? The answer is of course...NO. And "Al"...if you are reading this, there is nothing wrong with a little flamboyance. Trading a young workhorse Norris trophy winning D man (and finalist this year) not yet in his prime for an aging pylon who has missed more games than he has played as a Hab was a stupid move by all accounts...except yours.
    Those of us who have watched the Habs for 5 decades and pride ourselves on knowing a lot about this game have every right to critique what we see in front of us and any idiot can see the results of 5+ years of Bergevin. Not only is this team likely the worst in the NHL, even our Farm team is last in the AHL and if that does not point to poor management worthy of mega criticism, than I have no clue what possibly could.

  • Unhappy Fan - 4 years ago

    AI, it is much more than just a few who are down on the current management team. The overwhelming criticism this organization is facing is due to Bergevin's ineptitude. His mismanagement has left this team no choice but to rebuild. When Molson stood before the media and fans at the end of season press conference, he said they will be better and that, "the time is now". Clearly it isn't as we have moved into a rebuild. Rest assured this wasn't the "plan" that was initially proposed by Bergevin. It is only after Tavares refused to even take a meeting with us, and other free agents spurned us, that we were left with no other choice but to rebuild. This isn't a rebuild or retool by design, it is our only course of action resulting directly from Bergevin managing this organization into the ground.

    The frustration people feel towards Weber's injury has nothing to do with the man or player himself. By all accounts, he has been very good on the ice and a tremendous teammate. The frustration has to do with, once again, Bergevin, and Geoff Molson's decision to bring him back. When the trade was made, due to Weber being 4 years older than PK and playing a much more physical brand of hockey, it was commonly accepted that it would make us more competitive for a cup run in the short term, but we would lose the trade in the long term due to the age difference and physical toll Weber's play style takes. 2 years in, what do we have to show for it? A first round playoff exit, Weber missing most of last year to injury, and the start of next year due to a separate injury. The age difference is already showing itself and we are nowhere near being competitive. This is the mismanagement that fans are upset about and why so many of us are baffled as to why Bergevin still has a job with this organization! I guess Geoff Molson doesn't believe in accountability.

    Just because we are unhappy with the current state of affairs doesn't mean we are bad fans who should find another team to support (which I'm sure has happened as evidenced by the large number of empty seats at the Bell Centre and difficulty in getting rid of tickets last year). Quite the contrary. Voicing our displeasure will hopefully lead to meaningful change and not empty gestures like an "improved fan experience". Nobody cares about better food, Geoff. It is sheep like you who cheer the organization on no matter what that have allowed them to put a pathetic product on the ice for the last quarter century. Just like the Tour des Canadiens 1, when compared to the beautiful glass buildings now dotting the Montreal Skyline, this one is a concrete monstrosity that looks like it was designed in the 1950s. But they put the CH logo on it and people throw their money at it. Just like the Tour des Canadiens 1, the on ice product is awful but it has the CH logo on it so the sheep like you keep supporting it blindly. Wake up, we're not the problem.

    And as a quick side note, putting somebody down by criticizing their spelling doesn't invalidate their comment. It just makes you look like a jerk.

  • Al - 4 years ago

    Why don’t you learn how to spell?
    Cary Price not Cary price!
    Why don’t you stop feeding into the negative vibe of the chosen few who have decided that they understand the in’s and outs of general managing and coaching a professional hockey team?
    My goodness it must be as easy as criticizing the trade of a narcissistic young defenseman showboating his way through his career than an extremely talented and heavy duty slap shooting defenseman, who happened to sustain an injury in pursuit of playing to support his beleaguered goal tender?
    Easy peasy this running a club eh?
    Why don’t you all just be fans and support the whole team as a team it just choose another team to support?

  • Glenn - 4 years ago

    It was September of 2017 that I stated to very many people that it was then before inking Price to a new deal that the Habs were desperately in need of a total rebuild and that meant trading Carey then before he had what was an inevitable bad season behind that defence. The players and assets they would have gotten then would probably have a been a hockey record. Now with that season behind him, and that huge contract the return will be a whole lot less the time was last year and once again the Habs brass missed the train.

  • allan boassaly - 4 years ago

    No one talks about the owner who as far as I'm concern doesn't contribute and show that he doesn't have the spine to make difficult decisions.

  • Marco - 4 years ago

    I agree with the full rebuild but this would include the GM. Unfortunately/fortunately Price needs to be traded too, first I don’t think that I’ll evet be as good as he was two years ago with the team he’ll have in front him this year but also I think with a solid upcoming draft the Habs need to get as many good strong prospects. Enough with trying to fix this GM mistakes

  • Steve Anderson - 4 years ago

    The poll should have included another option...If there is to be a rebuild...Do you believe that Bergevin should be the GM that oversees the rebuild?
    After 7 years now going into the eighth season and being lifelong HAB supporter and fan I no longer have any faith in Bergevin's abilities as a GM or in his honesty in dealing with the fans or the general public; nor do I believe that Molson is a capable President of Hockey Operations...he should consider retiring and hiring a real professional president with the skills and experience necessary for the position.

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