Do you believe Brandi Sharp and her sons were racially profiled?

  • Todd Buzas - 4 years ago

    ... Also very interesting the UA Police comment the the profiling may have been due to an ordinance requiring papers to be delivered to porches or mail slots. Soooooo, if the boys would have been on her porch versus in her driveway she would not have made the call? Laughable. Come up with a better excuse UAPD.

  • Todd Buzas - 4 years ago

    I grew up in “Upper” Arlington, which in itself connotates an elitism of sorts. The history of racial profiling in Upper Arlington is well-documented, including the existence of thousands of property deeds not allowing the transfer to African Americans.
    It is truly sad that in today’s age there are still such intolerant people in the world. I am not saying all of the community residents are to blame, but shame on the caller and the society surrounding her that instilled such intolerance.

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