What kind of body does Ryvlull have? (Poll Closed)

  • Narrow, thin, tall with nearly no breasts. An athlete’s body made for speed.

  • Thin and tall but with a plump little firm ass and firm medium sized breasts.

  • She’s short for a Night Elf with wide, soft curves and big fat breasts. She is curvy but not heavy/fat.

  • Tall and made of thick curves. She’ll have wide hips and a huge fat ass and large heavy breasts but otherwise be in good shape.

  • She’s average height but on the pudgy side, with a big fat ass and huge fat breasts.

  • Her body is tall and narrow but her curves are almost inhumanly exaggerated. She has breasts so big they almost seem unreal and wide hips with a huge ass.

Posted 5 months.